the trials of apollo, by rick riordan

23 Jan

london 2.28pm 13.6C sunny cloudy tuesday 2018.

3.29pm 13.6C cloudy

in fact it had been raining earlier as the ground is wet . i went to the tesco at about 12pm and it was not raining then. it is mild this weather , to me anyway. 

7.33pm 12.9C dry

actually there is nothing eventful happening in my life (which is just as well, when i read of what some bloggers have to go through when their loved ones have accidents or ill health and they have to cope with them).

i enjoyed today  because i was reading the books i borrowed from the library. it is one of rick riordan’s books, the apollo series, i had finished the first book and am on the 2nd one of the series.

 i first borrowed the 2nd book and could not make head nor tale of it. with this series you really need to read the first book of the series. i did not know that so was about it give it up, and then i found his magnus chase series in the library and borrowed those and read it all, and then i realised i should read the first book of this apollo series and fortunately found it in the library and read it, finished it  and then came back to this book and started from the beginning and it all makes sense haha. 

they are like those school boy adventure stories full of action and danger . those old school boy adventure stories are limited in time and space.  it may be about our hero in darkest africa, braving lions, tigers, you know the usual wild animals and savages so quite limited in terms of scope of things they can get up to. whilst this one he can draw on the greek, roman, (and in other books norse) myths as well as invent mythological beasts and create a tremendously varied and out of this world adventures and it all makes sense too within the context of the story. and then he throws in modern day references and things, which makes it funny as well.

i think he must be influenced by neil gaiman’s, american gods, in that book, neil posits that ancient gods have moved to america, adopt various disguises and continue to exist , because gods exist as long as they have believers. they ‘die’ as it were if they are forgotten and have no one believe in them anymore.

rick riordan’s stories bring me back to how i felt when i was a kid reading all those boys own adventure stories. with the added advantage that it makes me laugh whilst the old school boy adventure books like sanders of the river, tarzan, ‘she’ (who must be obeyed), etc are quite serious. 

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