cheap long life milk on sale now

24 Jan

london 6.01pm 7.6C rain wednesday 2018

do you like drinking milk? tesco is selling a pack of 6x1litre semiskimmed longlife milk for 50p. less than 10p each. usually they cost 90p each. so i bought a pack and would like to buy more but it is so heavy. this was earlier in the day when i went there to buy cocoa powder. it is pure cocoa, no suger in it, meant to be used in baking, but can be used in drinks too…£2for 250mg.  incidentally a drink made from milk and cocoa powder is delicious and dont even need to add any suger, as the milk got plenty. 

now i am sitting here in my lounge, after coming back from circuit training, and wondering if i should go back there with my shopping trolley to buy some more. haha. i allready bought 2 packs a few days ago, they cost me £1.19 , so 20p per litre.

they expire today that is why they are so drastically reduced. but long life milk lasts a long time. and dont even need refrigeration, so are quite ideal for buying in bulk. most people will hesitate to buy these as it is expiring today… but as long as the seal is intact they should last long after their expiry date. some people dont like long life milk. i dont know why. because once u add coffee or cocoa, or whatever, you wont be able to taste the milk. i have drunk the milk neat, and it is quite nice. these are semi skimmed so are nicer than skimmed milk. skimmed milk is like plain water really. 

this morning whilst waiting for the bus back outside the tesco, i saw a woman sitting there, and she was on the phone telling whoever was at the other end that her son loves eating pot noodles, he would have one in the morning and another one in the evening, and she said she bought a huge amount because tesco was selling them at 50p each, normally £1 she said. (actually today’s advert by the co-op was selling it for £1.25 reduced from £1.35.) so the tesco ones are even more special. no wonder she went mad and bought so much. but i could not help thinking they are still very expensive even at 50p each. i would not encourage my kid to eat so many of them. she got a lot of smoothies too, and that is full of suger.  they were innocent smoothies for kids. half priced at £1.49. i often wonder about how healthy smoothies are. they are supposed to have lots of fruits, and the arguement is you get all your 5 a day in one glass and easy to drink. and cheaper than if u buy each separately esp when it is not in season. but i like and enjoy eating the fruits, i think half the fun of eating fruits is eating it in its natural state. you lose something, in fact  a lot of enjoyment, if u mash it all up.

most instant noodles you can get for 20p each. i find they are not very tasty… unless they come  with a thai curry powder… like the one i bought in chinatown long ago for 10p each. that one is very addictive even to me. but ordinary ones at 20p each are not very tasty.

but i suppose the pot noodles are very convenient, just add hot water. i wonder if the pot noodles are egg noodles. if so they would taste better. (added ,  i had a look at the ingredients, in that pot noodle in tesco sold at half price, and i find there is no egg in the noodles. i have never tasted it so maybe some of you out there who likes it can tell us why you do. haha)

i buy dried egg noodles for 65p for 250mg from asda. even then the amount of egg in it is very low like 5%. so one wonders whether it really taste that different from non egg noodle instant noodles. they are very convenient for when u want a quick meal with noodles. added.  i have eaten both this egg noodle and the non egg ones and the egg noodles do taste better. can 5% make all that difference? i cant pin point why it tastes better, exactly … perhaps it is psychological. i should do a blind test. 

but anyway i thought how come she is not buying the milk for her child. so i told her about it, this cheap 50p long life milk for 6litres.  but she did not seem interested in it. strange really because i thought all families are spending a lot of money on milk for their kids, and would welcome buying these long life milk for so cheap. perhaps she did not know about long life milk, because from the questions she asked me about them, she seemed to not know about them. that they dont need refrigeration, and that as long as u dont open it, it can last a long time and wont go bad.

i myself dont drink milk , as i think the adult human cannot digest milk that well… but if these are so cheap i shall drink them, and get calcium into my diet from them.

simon will like them i think, as he likes his cereals, and they need to be drunk with milk. i find these milk got a lot of suger in them. every 100ml have 4.5mg of suger in them. i think if i have kids i will be very torn between giving them milk or not. can kids really digest cow’s milk that well? yet we seem to have been brainwashed to think that they can do so. 

6 Responses to “cheap long life milk on sale now”

  1. juliehcares Thursday January 25, 2018 at 2:36 am #

    My son drinks organic lactose free cows milk. He does fine with it. 😀
    Sounds like great deal at the store!

    • alifesgayventure Thursday January 25, 2018 at 10:30 am #

      looks like cows milk is great for children. i hope it will be ok for us adults too, because now i got so much cows milk to finish off haha.

      • juliehcares Thursday January 25, 2018 at 11:32 am #

        Sounds like it 😀

  2. Garfield Hug Thursday January 25, 2018 at 5:36 am #

    First time in my life, I found 7 packets of instant noodles from Indonesia selling at $0.50. This is at one of those fire sale shop under ABC chain! Also saw Mars and Snicker bars going for $0.50 real cheap as these retail at $1.60 in our regular supermarkets! I felt so achieved for once LOL!

    • alifesgayventure Thursday January 25, 2018 at 10:32 am #

      its so nice to find such bargains, isn’t it? though even at those prices i am not tempted. but still nice to know they are there for others.

      • Garfield Hug Thursday January 25, 2018 at 4:56 pm #

        You are good and disciplined ☺

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