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25 Jan

london 12.03pm 10.2c sunny thursday 2018. brilliant sunshine outside blue sky too.

yesterday, i was reading the metro newspaper, it is free and i saw talk talk, my broadband and telephone provider offering £19.95 a month 24month contract , reduced from their usual £27 tariff. but i got that same plan for £23 a month now. ( it includes line rental)however, i have another 5months to go on my contract ( i had allready used up 12months of that contract) and thought i better shift to this one, as it is £3 cheaper,( and only realised after the call, and rereading that advert in the metro newspaper that the offer expires today. )added. 29.1.18. saw another advert by talktalk in today’s metro giving the same offer but saying it expires 2.2.18. so it looks like it is a rolling offer with extending end time. haha.

so i called them and got someone who told me she is talking from south africa… from her accent i knew she is not from the uk, and thought she might be from india. anyway, she assured me i could move to the new contract without any penalty and so i told her to go ahead. it includes  free mobile phone calls of 200mins and unlimited text. so that is the same as what i am getting now.

so that is good, i had intended to pay about £20 a month for the service so this contract seals it. and saves me £3 a month. haha. not much but saves me £74 for the 2yrs. but it also locks me into this tariff for 2yrs, which is good considering bt and sky have been increasing their tariff constantly which makes me know that the tariff is likely to go up in future. when she told me when the contract ends, 24.1.2020, it gave me a bit of a turn. 2020, sounds so futuristic.

nowadays i cannot do without broadband as it not only allows me to surf the net, but it ties in with my tv, so that we can get iplayer and all those play- back programs on tv, and freeview on hd which was not possible if i just use the ordinary aerial on our roof to get the tv programs. on the whole it makes the tv picture clearer  even without the HD (high definition).

talk talk was wise to link the phone plan(with its free unlimited broadband) with the tv, and giving free mobile calls and txt as well, it makes me more willing to keep my landline and to stay with them. i kind of have nostalgia for my landline number as well, so i am glad to keep it just for old times sake. 

added. i read in the papers online that talk talk has been one of the worst for complains… haha. it seems when they stopped using india as their call people, they got a lot of problems handling people who call up to complain. i have no complains, because i dont call them up for anything. if the internet is slow, or as some have experienced when their broadband switches off…not in london but it seems it happen outside london, in the sticks somewhere . i dont ring up, because what is the point? to tell them there is no internet? why? they know there is a problem, so let them get on with it. to ask why it has stopped? so what if u are told the reason, it does not make the work get solved quicker does it? that is why i think it is silly for people to call up and complain. just let them get on with solving it and in the meantime just get off the internet yourself and take this opportunity to do other things. it wont kill you if your internet is down for a bit. 

3 Responses to “phone call plans”

  1. juliehcares Thursday January 25, 2018 at 12:53 pm #

    Saving is always good! Broadband? I haven’t heard that in so long. We have cable internet here but it’s definitely not cheap!

    • alifesgayventure Thursday January 25, 2018 at 3:51 pm #

      is the word ‘ broadband’ old fashioned? oh my, i seem to be still in the past. though i am all for low prices so long may broadband stay if it can keep prices down. i dont want very fast speeds because than the video adverts come on quickly and interrupts my viewing of the page. with my slow speed now, it takes some time to download and by that time it does i have allready read that page and can quickly close it when the video start cranking up.

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