peppa gris

27 Jan

london 6.17pm 10.6C dry nightnow. overcast all day saturday 2018

11.4C 8.17pm rain.

i wonder how everyone’s day have been today. mine is pleasant as always. nothing much happens to me, which i consider a blessing. haha. i love a pleasant uneventful day. there is a freebie breakfast in shoreditch and a free doughnut near portobello market, but i did not feel like going so did not.

i just went to the marylebone library to read the papers,  where i noticed a number of men looking after their little kids there.  i wonder if it is father’s day for kid’s care today at that library. haha. one of these fathers came to sit on the sofa where i was sitting, and his kid was looking through a children’s book in that aimless way that kids have, and he was talking  in baby talk, well it sounds like it,  but for all i know, it might be in proper words in his  foreign language. i dont recognise it, but it sounds swedish or one of those scandinavian language , though i would not swear to it. the kid ( dont know if it was a boy or girl as at that age it is not obvious what sex they are, and their clothes are all unisex now. i dont think i have seen a little girl wearing a dress at all. they are all in toddler pants now. ) was pointing to a drawing of a penguin and he said something i presumed what it was called in his language, but when she pointed to a drawing of peppa pig, he said peppa pig, but in a foreign accent. haha. i asked him oh, you use peppa pig, you dont call her in your language? and he said no. well, you might say that was a stupid question, but why not call it peppa gris (that is what pig means in swedish, which i googled). see if u can pronounce that word gris. even hearing it in google i could not make it out… can you. it makes me convinced it is impossible for me to learn to speak another language. why they dont pronounce it like they spell it… but wait, i keep thinking of it in english. when obviously it is pronounced like their language rules says it should be pronounced. but i could not even mimick that sound far less make it out when it is spoken by google. added. i had a listen to the google pronounciation for pig, and it sounded wrong … it stretched the i sound to sound like peeg, instead of a shortish i . 

and then i  got the bus back. did not feel like making the trip to portobello market to get that free doughnut. it was actually just one bus trip away as i was allready up in that part of town to get there with one bus. in the old days i would have taken the trouble, if only to explore portobello market and browse its bricbrac. in the past i had enjoyed going to these street markets, because in those days things were relatively cheap. nowadays even charity shops are expensive. do you know that charity shops have half price sales? i was so surprised when i saw it. 

but nowadays i dont buy anything anymore, far less the knick knacks there. also they are expensive knick knacks they sell there. 

talking of doughnuts reminds me i still got that email from krispy creme givng me a free doughnut on them. rather nice of them. i shall redeem it on monday i think. 



2 Responses to “peppa gris”

  1. juliehcares Sunday January 28, 2018 at 12:17 am #

    There’s Krispy Kreme in the UK? And if you don’t feel like it, it’s okay not to go.
    Peppa Pig. LOL My son watched that when he was young. 😀

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday January 28, 2018 at 6:01 am #

    hi, that one that i did not feel like going to was in notting hill not krispy creme. there are lots of krispy creme branches all over london, and if u join their newsletter, they often give free doughnuts via email that u can redeem at any store. i forgot i got the latest one, and will redeem it, before it expires. i am not a big fan of sugery stuff, but now and then, esp if it is free, i like eating them. peppa pig seems to be big with children. i wonder why they like it. i often think young children will watch anything really.

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