the moon

29 Jan

london 7.33pm monday 2018 clear night bright moon. 6.5C 8.4C

i woke up just now and my bedroom clock says 7.10, so i thought it was morning allready and i had slept right through. simon was not in bed and i thought he had woken up. and he was not in so i thought he had gone to work allready.

the curtains in the lounge were open, which surprised me because usually i would draw them at night.  then i looked out of the window through a gap in the curtains and saw a bright moon hanging above the roof of the block of flats . it is the first time i notice that the moon appears just by my window. i have never seen it before in all the years (25 now) that i live here.

i think it was because usually  it has been so cloudy, the night , it had never been clear enough to see the moon. so i never suspect that it can be seen through my lounge window. it is lovely to see it.

i vaguely remember the newspaper mentioning something like a blue moon that can be seen around now, so is this it? that once in a blue moon?

though it looks like any moon i have seen. it is very bright and not particularly large. because it is quite a height above the horizon. when the moon is seen near the horizon it seems to appear larger. dont know why but there is a science to explain it.

and it appears so early, it is only  7.39pm now. i dont know why but i always thought the moon rises late at night  and always thought that if i have to see it, i have to wait till late at night and walk out of the flat and go near the river to see it.  never knew i could have seen it all just by looking out of my window. haha. i say this is the first time i notice it, but i have a feeling it has appeared many times in the past except if i have seen it , it has not registered in my mind. tonight, i was in a strange space, having woken up and thinking i had slept all night and it is the next morning… and then to see the moon shining outside the window… seems like magical shift into another dimension… 


afraid the camera wont focus on the moon but insist on focusing on the near objects instead. ah well, nevermind. haha. that bright light is the moon and not a ufo.

well, i know it now, i must have slept at about 4pm, or so. but forgot i did. one of the nice thing about being retired and not working. night and day seem to interchange and time itself means nothing.

i even made myself my morning cup of coffee haha. a habit i do every morning. except it is not morning but night now . haha. it is very mild because i can open the windows and take those photos and not feel it cold outside. yet the website temperature says it is only 6.5C. hey hang on, i checked it again just now, and it says 8.4C. so i wonder how come i saw 6.4C earlier. 8.2C is more like it and tallies with the real life on the ground experience as it were. 

added. 8.32am 4.4C sunny. tuesday 30.1.2018. we are supposed to have below freezing temperatures this morning, but the lowest it got in london is 4.3C just now. outside london it is below freezing. but strangely enough not further north , scotland is warmer it seems. 

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