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8 Feb

london 1pm 7C overcast thursday 2018

i see it is snowing in paris, it seems quite unusual, that it snows , and coming after the highest water level in the seine, parisiens are having an interesting life as the chinese would put it haha.  (it is 4C now in paris, with lows of -6C forecast for tomorrow morning,)

 i have a suspicion that france (even truer of northern france) is not that warm in winter, even though their summers are really warm.

those trying to escape our british winter cold might be better off going to live in london, (as the queen is doing, i read a report that she has come down to london recently from her winter stay up north where she had been there since christmas; or go and live in the  south coast of england instead of the continent.

used to be that people winter in the south of france. i wonder does Nice still have nice winter weather, or is it just that the english winter has become milder nowadays. i see it is 11C in Nice now, 2pm their time.

they have better weather than paris, Nice’s forecast weather is 12C/5C for the next few days, unlike paris where they will get 5C/-2C the next few days. with london forecast of 4C/1C i suppose u could say london is not doing any better, but it is nothing extreme. at least it is not freezing. haha. so Nice still have nice winter temperatures. i wonder whether there are any brits still doing the winter run to the south of france, or have they all gone to s.e.asia, india, or to spain. 

anyway life here in london is very pleasant. i was at the circuit training yesterday, 6 people , and new people too; so the attendance figure is holding up. and now when i come out , even after spending time in there afterwards enjoying a long hot shower, the sky is still bright, sunset being at 5pm now.

this morning i went to the asda in clapham junction to buy their egg noodles, it has gone down to 59p, when before i bought it for 65p a 250mg pack. so useful for a quick meal as it is made up of 4 bricks of noodles; each brick is about 50mg. 

 i found a reduced price 3kg pork shoulder joint  from £10.50 to £6. it expires today, that is why it is reduced. it is quite a good price. came to £2/kg, where the normal price is £3.50/kg. it has very little fat over it, which is the case when u buy a more expensive cut. (the cheaper cuts sell for £2.75/kg, but with it u get a lot of fat).so it is now chopped up and in my freezer, i filled 6 plastic takeaway containers with it. i find pork is such a versatile meat, it can be used in a lot of dishes and the variety of cooking it is enormous. 

Digital StillCamera

the stir fried noodle dish i made. those greens are really delicious. in the past i did not like them, because i stir fried them from the beginning. now i steam them first and cooked them before i add them to my stir fry. and with oyster sauce they are heaven. 

added. 4.27pm 7.8C dry cloudy. this article came up in my wordpress reader and i realised it had fooled me too. it says the winter olympics hosted by south korea is in a town called pyeongchang, and people have been fooled to think it is pyongyang, which is in north korea. i had put it in my diary as pyongyang too, as in ‘pyongyang winter olympics start today’ and thought north korea had got it…like russia, which is communist and so i figured if russia can host the olympics it is not inconceivable that north korea could too. its only reading that article that it dawned on me that it is south korea that is hosting it. i think this hosting of the olympics is a bit of nonsense really. just a big waste of money by the host country who are wasting their people’s cash.

If PyeongChang wins, South Korea will become the second Asian country to play host to the Winter Games; Japan held them in 1972 and 1998. That would help South Korea market itself as an affordable winter sports destination for a potentially huge market in Asia, attracting Chinese, Singaporeans, Malaysians and others from hotter climates who have never seen snow, let alone skied. link

they want more tourists, but i am malaysian and i am not that interested in skiing, because we can never get to learn how to do it seeing our country has no snow. we like to see fresh snow, and play in it. but that is all. maybe put us in a sleigh ride over snow, that would be nice. but ski down a steep mountain side, with the danger of being buried in snow… no thanks. that is a bit of reality too far. 

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