money bills

9 Feb

london 12.32pm 5.4C overcast (that means cloudy) friday 2018

its actually quite pleasant outside, i was out earlier and it felt fine, but of course i was well wrapped up with my woolly beanie, and my scarf and my thinsulate gloves. all items that i found over the years. haha. and i take them out every winter to put them to good use.

this year is mild, i did not have to put on a lot of layers, nor use a heavy duty fleece jacket with a hood and which  comes right down to my knees;  that i keep specially for very cold winters. but this winter i did not have to use it at all.

i have used up all my old £10 notes today. used them to pay in advance my flat service charge fees. they sent us the bill every six months, and the next one will be due in March, but the old £10 notes will cease to be legal tender on 1st March. so i thought i better pay it in advance of the closing date and get rid of them that way. 

i think using up my old £20 notes when they expire in 2020 will be much more of a chore and bother. i have many more £20 notes than i have got the  £10 notes. they are the notes everyone go to if they have bills to pay and they want to use cash. and i think the treasury will have a job printing a lot of new ones when they replace the old ones. a lot will have to be printed to satisfy demand.

so from now on i am using the £20 notes every chance i get , that means every time i buy something . haha. i wonder whether others are doing that too.

maybe not, as most people dont plan so far ahead.

i think if i were to be overseas and have these british notes i would be very irritated that i have to change them and keep pace with all this issueing of new notes. maybe that is why people prefer to deal in US $s. the USA never change their notes do they. so it will be legal tender like for ever. the same might be said for the euro. with the added advantage that the euro have 500 euro denominations bills. that is great for money launderers. i am sure the euro must be their currency of choice. and it also explains why people quote everything in US$s. also the £ tend to go up and down in value, and trending generally downwards. so better to use the US$ instead, or euros.

that reminds me what is the price of gold now? $1249.50 per ounce. £1=US$1.38 though u never get these rates when u go to a money lender. 

dow jones index 23860

FT se 100 7107



4 Responses to “money bills”

  1. juliehcares Friday February 9, 2018 at 3:35 pm #

    Why are they changing the notes?

    • alifesgayventure Friday February 9, 2018 at 3:49 pm #

      there are too many forgeries. that is the reason. another reason is they want to make them all plastic notes, it lasts longer it seems and harder to forge. what i do not understand is why USA dont do it. they never bring in new designs and anti forgery features. so are there secrets in the US $ that make it impossible to forge???

      • juliehcares Friday February 9, 2018 at 3:52 pm #

        We have anti forgery stuff in our bills. If you try to use a large bill (like a 50 or 100), they draw a line with a special pen that shows if it’s a forgery. Weird but whatever works.
        Plastic sounds irritating to keep in your wallet! I really believe the monetary system really wants to go cashless but I doubt that would ever work.
        Also, the US keeps saying they are getting rid of the penny (.01). It hasn’t happened yet but I am waiting!

      • alifesgayventure Friday February 9, 2018 at 4:16 pm #

        you are right about the irritating nature of plastic notes. the plastic money dont fold easily or rather it does not stay folded. the folded notes tend to spring up instead of lying flat. and it is easy to lose it, because of this springy nature. if u handle a bundle of notes, one of them will spring out if u are not careful. so the upside is people can find lost £ notes more often. haha. i think over time people here will keep the notes flat, instead of folding them. folding them is a habit caused by paper notes. i am sure we shall all adapt ourselves to the best way of handling these plastic notes and we will store them flat.
        i think with the usa, the $1 note has been urged to be replaced by a coin, but the public is resistant to that idea. they say the coin lasts longer, but if it gets forged, like the old £coin, they will still have to replace it with a new design. though they can melt it down and reuse the metal i suppose. whereas the paper money will have to be pulped.

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