bargain rice

10 Feb

london 11.40am 6.6C cloudy saturday 2018

i was at asda in clapham junction on thursday and saw they were selling 10kg of kohinoor light basmati rice for £10. i had not got my trolley with me, so did not buy it. later, i see from their website that it is a reduced price , usually £19. i have not seen this type of rice before, but do like the brand, as i bought that brand before.

today, i thought i shall go there with my trolley to buy it. i was disappointed when i got there to find the shelf empty of this rice. it has all sold out it seems. but i know that they keep extras on the topmost shelf, in fact, it is on the top of the shelves, and sure enough i saw three of these and i clambered up and it was just manageable to maneuvre them off the shelf. so i did and bought two. it was as much as my trolley can take really as well as just heavy enough for me to handle on the way back by bus. hope it is just as nice as their other rice, since i have never bought them before. £1/kg of rice is a good price anyway. 


the extra fine silver one (the expiry date was 2020) is what i bought today. the other , gold one was bought before in a sale too. both cost £10 for 10kg. dont quite know what they meant when they said those were extra fine. i guess i shall find out when i cook it. with us chinese, rice is our staple, and the saying goes that if u got rice, you wont go hungry.

3.30pm rain 7.7C

considering chinese new year is only a few days away, 16th feb, it is a nice treat for them to let us have a cheaper price. i have a feeling that it is not linked to their chinese new year offers. its a coincidence that it is reduced around now.

here, (i mean in the uk) people dont really gear their business to the chinese new year festival. christmas, and easter are more likely to be built up here, with price increases around that time. this is v different from, where prices rise when chinese new year day comes.and there are 15 days to celebrate it, so even more need to buy food and stuff to last 15days, with the 15th day another day of big celebration.

it is the only chance for businesses in (or china , taiwan, for all i know) to make profits because so many households will be spending either to prepare for the family reunion meal, or going to restaurants for it. not only food, and food related businesses will benefit, clothes and stuff will also feature, not to mention all those angpows given out to the children will get spent too over the following weeks after the festival. oh, a lot of money will be spent on cleaning products, because of course every household will be doing a thorough clean and new stuff  for the house. its a fun time to be a kid. how can it not be so, you dont have to bother with all the cleaning, and cooking and spending money, and shopping.

added. 9.08pm,rain, what a strange world, the temperature is 9C now.  at this time of night! and forecast to hit 10C at about 11pm. to me i expect warmer temperatures to occur in the daytime, not the middle of the night. that is why uk weather is really peculiar.

back in malaysia, we expect daytime temperatures to be the highest, and it always gets cooler at night. but here in uk, things are topsy turvy. 

2 Responses to “bargain rice”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday February 10, 2018 at 3:00 pm #

    A definite good buy and lucky you to check top shelf!😀

  2. alifesgayventure Saturday February 10, 2018 at 3:50 pm #

    an auspicious start to the chinese new year of the dog, right? . i think rice is loaded with symbolism. i am surprised that it does not feature more strongly in the images of cny celebrations.

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