presentation , how do u rate it?

11 Feb

london 2.10pm 6.7C sunny sunday 2018

i got back from the library and from the virgin lounge, to find simon going off to the sainsburys looking for reduced prices. he goes to buy meat. he too have found their reductions are great for stocking up on meat. he came back with half priced joint of rump beef, and pork chops, though he is not so fierce as i am, who look for £2/kg . he is happy to go for the cuts that sell normally for £10/kg. it is very nice meat, i grant you, and the chops have v good fat layer with the lean meat. but to me not enough to justify even the reduced price. still to each his own. maybe because i tend to cut mine up into small pieces as i stir fry them, so keeping the meat in chop form is not that important for me. that is the problem if you want it to look nice. you pay more for it.

some people are very influenced by how a thing looks. like when they go out to eat, they want the food presented in a fancy way and would rate the restaurant highly just for that. whereas with me, the taste of the food and a large amount of it, is what will impress me and make me think it is good. 


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