free pancake

13 Feb

london 7.45pm 6.1C rain tuesday 2018 shrove tuesday.

reading a blog i was reminded that tomorrow is valentines day, and today is shrove tuesday, or mardi gras , which is big in rio de janeiro, it brought back memories of my time there , long ago, when i was a month there, and did brazil. and we are also having chinese new year too on friday. so this week is full of festivals. i got my pancakes too. for some reason shrove tuesday has something to do with pancakes. but my pancakes are from a restaurant in butler’s wharf, south of tower bridge, the one with the drawbridge. i went too early, at about 11am. i asked if i was too early, to be told they open at 12noon.

so i had to hang around that area, and it began to rain quite heavily. so i walked under the tower bridge along the bank of the thames to city hall.

that was when i noticed there are not many places to take shelter in that park like area round city hall, nor are there many cheap cafes there. it is very touristy. i saw some ladies with pans and  plastic bottles of milk weighing down balloons. one told me they are waiting for 12noon when they will be demonstrating and making pancakes. the rain has put a damper on things i would imagine. 

there was a museum of some sort by the bridge and i entered and they have a souvenir shop, with the entrance to the museum starting from and ending at the souvenir shop.

it makes for a time wasting filler to browse there. pricey stuff of course, £10, £20 and up that kind of price range. they have a reduced price shelf, you can get something for £1, reduced from £3. i forgot what it was now. haha. all the stuff they sell have the tower bridge picture on them. they sell pens for £1 and key rings. if u want tower bridge souvenirs (though why?)this would be a good place to get them. 

this pancake was a free one to mr hyde readers. it is a newsletter that  tells you of freebies and events to go to in london. 

the restaurant was crowded when i returned at about 12.30pm. huge groups of office workers who are all very well dressed in suits. i think they too were there for the free pancake. there was a chinese lady sitting on her own in the middle of the space, i was seated by the wall behind her.  and she looked like she was the only solitary person there , apart from me.

i showed the waiter the voucher email i got from mr hyde, and there was a choice of 3or4 pancakes, i chose the italian one, just guessing what it was because in his recital i could not make out what it was , it had a italian sounding name, later i realise it was a type of soft cheese, which is rather nice to spread on the pancakes and a good savoury choice, instead of the others which are sweet.

i was expecting two pancakes , but there was only one so it was quick to eat it. or rather, i was quick to eat it, the lady was still eating it when i left. somehow i have visions of stacks of pancakes haha. when they showed me pictures in their website they showed stacks of pancakes….but on looking back, i think it was just as well there was only one… the pancakes do not look like nor taste like the kind i make myself at home. and absolutely needs a topping to make them nice to eat. you cannot really eat them on their own, unless you pour maple syrup over them; unlike home made pancakes which is delicious just with a sprinkle of suger on top. i make mine with egg, so maybe that is the missing ingredient…

usually around this time, the city of london organises pancake races. but with this rain, i wonder if it had been cancelled. well, tomorrow’s papers would tell me if no pictures of them shows up.

as for valentines day tomorrow, i will pass on that. haha. the funny thing is valentine greetings are supposed to be sent anonymously to people they admire. no one is supposed to know who sent it. so inviting someone to a valentines dinner seems to defeat the purpose. dont you think?

then for chinese new year, the ex members of the east west group that i used to belong to which has now broken up and no longer exist, but we still meet… i was told they plan to go eat in a restaurant on thursday, instead of the usual meet in a pub.

i am not too sure about that… eating in a group in a restaurant is fraught with dangers. a lot of things can go wrong, usually with not being able to find an empty table for a big group.

they wont know how many will turn up and so they cannot plan ahead and pre book a table. usually with the usual meetings, we turn up whenever we like after the start time of 1pm, but if they are planning on going to a restaurant they will have to insist everyone turn up at 1pm. i find it very bothersome to have to be punctual. so i might give my excuses even though i did promise to turn up. lets hope the others too dont like it, and we revert back to the usual … this reminds me how thankless it is really to be the organiser of these outings, esp if it involves eating in a restaurant. it is a lot of trouble really to get everyone together. but perhaps it will sort itself out, in that we all meet at the pub, and then those who want to can wander off to wong kei, and just go there to eat. it should be easy to find a table at wong kei , because they make everyone share tables. haha. and you order individually so there is no problem with the bill. but the food is so salty, i am not really keen to go there, if i can help it.

i have to admit it is getting predictable and boring , this regular meet of ours. is it just me i wonder, but i find there is nothing to say. we lead different lives, and dont talk to each other outside of these regular meetings.

it is just like my old friends, i have drifted off from them, so that now we dont meet or talk to each other anymore. of all those friends, i only keep in touch with two of them. if i can do that with my old friends who i have known for many years, i realise what am i doing meeting up with these guys who i dont know at all…

with this group, i have not met them during the time when the club was active. i dont know why i have not met them before in the club. it might be they were active there at a different time from me. i only know the organiser , because he was organising the club even in those days. but the others i dont know them at all. so you can see this regular meet up is all for  a sense of nostalgia, trying to regain that old atmosphere of the club that we all belong to at one time. but time moves on, and it is not possible to get back the feeling of those times again. the main reason being we all have grown old and our old selves are strangers to our young selves, nevermind each other. but i think we will continue with our meetups. somehow we need the human interactions. 

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