water bill

19 Feb

london 9pm 11.1C drizzle. monday 2018 . its warm for sure, but forecast says from next monday will be freezing all day. we shall see if it is so.

i got my water bill for the next year. it is £316.05, consisting of water cost £172.07,  waste water cost £143.98 . i dont have a water metre. the flats in this block all share a common water tank for the bathroom and wc water supply that is why we cannot install individual water meters. anyway i put it here just so i can have a record of it to look back on in future. they calculate the cost depanding on how many adults and how many bedrooms your flat has. with us, it is 2bedrooms and two adults. 

we take water for granted here, but only when we have a drought and water is cut off that we really find out how important it is to have running water in constant supply. i think it is a modern luxury that not many appreciate. i am surprised there is never any religion which worships water or is based on it. water is life yet as far as i know there is no religion based on it. people worship fire but no one i know worships water. perhaps just as well, otherwise we will have all kinds of weird practises about water imposed on us in the name of that religion. 


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