council tax for westminster

22 Feb

london 10.55am 5.3C overcast/cloudy thursday 2018

i have read in the news that westminster council is asking rich residents to volunteer to increase their contributions to the council tax. i thought this means they are sending letters to rich residents, those living in band H properties , if it exists. 

i dont know forgot what the highest band is in westminster. haha. but i do know it is very low, and that those living in houses that are worth more dont get to pay anymore council tax.

but today simon and i got a letter each from westminster council saying they are freezing our council tax, and introducing a new voluntary community contribution initiative.

they said ‘whilst freezing council tax for everyone, we are inviting those living in the most expensive homes to make a voluntary community contribution’. 

i think it sounds like a good idea… hope it takes off and those who live in multi-million £ houses will contribute. maybe we can acknowledge those who do, give them a medal or something haha. just to encourage them to do so. 

the council tax for band D, which is mine, is only £688 a year. it is good to know it will remain so this coming year .

googling it, i find the highest  is band H £1,736 a year. the council is very efficient. street cleaning is very good. and gabbage collection is great. and the recycling bins get emptied regularly so they never overfill. i live in a housing estate, so our caretaker takes out the bins for the trucks to empty, and so we dont even have to remember which day they come to put the bins out. and we dont have to sort out our recycled rubbish into various categories either. so we get the luxury of just dumping everything into the same bins. i dont know why we are exempt from sorting out our recycled rubbish when i hear other councils penalising and fining households for putting rubbish in the wrong bins, or even putting out their rubbish on the wrong day of collection. 

we get added services too, in that our streets are lined with trees, and they need trimming every 2 yrs, and we get all that and dont seem to be charged extra for it. maybe they come under another authorities budget, under road works perhaps. haha. same as the re-paving of our pavements. maybe council is not responsible for that too. 

added. 26.2.18 here is an article saying why many local councils will be increasing their tax. it seems the rise in minimum wages (a decision made by govt)  will increase local council bills. it means care for the elderly will increase as the carer’s wages are increased. this is good for the carers, who are poorly paid in the first place. but it will put a strain on the council budgets. 


2 Responses to “council tax for westminster”

  1. Sarah M Saturday February 24, 2018 at 7:33 am #

    Are people seriously going to volunteer to pay more? I was reading about somewhere (don’t remember where) they got to vote if they wanted their taxes to stay the same, go up or go down. Unsurprisingly, people voted for council tax to go down.
    I can’t blame them. I don’t think the council need more of my money. I think they need to learn how to manage the money I do give them more effectively and stop squandering it on plush offices and more staff than they need.

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