23 Feb

london 1.18pm 4c cloudy friday 2018

its windy , that is why it felt cold when i was out earlier. i guess those who know about these things know that the wind is a big factor … hence the term wind chill. it can be minus temperature, and can be very nice if there is no wind.

i fancy eating bread with apricot jam so went to the local sainsburys to buy it. 75p for a 454mg jar. i like the bits of apricot in the jam, makes it look home made.

with their nectar points, i find i tend to favour shopping at sainsburys if the price is the same as tesco. and this month they have a offer, where they give a 10point bonus for every shop above £1. it is a great offer for me, as i dont buy a lot.

i think it makes shopping more fun , these points… and when i redeem the points, it is like getting free stuff. 

i read some people being forced out of their rented homes because the landlord wants it back, and it reminded me how glad i am that i bought my flat. i live very centrally, and if i had not bought, i know i would have been priced out as the flat will bound to suffer increasingly high rents that will force me to move further and further out over the years.

those people who say renting is better, may find they will be forced further and further from  where they first began.. of course the other factor is that if they buy , the area they are in might change so much they might be forced to sell up anyway… but they at least can cash out and have capital to buy elsewhere.

so on the whole i would say buy if u can afford it or rather if you can get affordable mortgage. because it is a fact that , esp in the past, if u are selfemployed it might be difficult to get banks to lend to you. nowadays it is easier to get credit, and that might also be a reason why properties prices have gone up, because so many can get cheap loans now. 

this article says buying stocks and shares is the better investment, but from my own experience , if u intend to live in the flat, then that factor may outweigh all other considerations. not only do u get capital appreciation, but u can live there rent free, and also rent out a room, and get lodgers to share the utility bills. so what is there not to like ??? right?

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