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27 Feb

london 2.36pm 1.8C or 0C snowing and sunny tuesday 2018

i can take my pick of temperature, because the readings are all over the place. it is snowing outside, yet the readings are above 0C. perhaps it does not matter , take it as below 0C. it is sunny though . oh look, the snow has stopped. so i guess it is just blasts of snow and then not. 

the first one overlooks the primary school playground from my kitchen window, the other view over the courtyard from my lounge window.

its all stopped now, the snow, and the sky is blue and it is sunny. it was only a very short episode of snowing. i think it will snow on friday, because i can see they have laid down salt on the pavements round victoria station. i think that  presupposes they are expecting snow later in the week. 

i was out earlier, to return 5 books to the library and then i borrowed 3 more. one of them is robert jackson bennett’s city of miracles. i have been following his trilogy and read the earlier 2 books. and so was really surprised and delighted to see this latest one , the last of the trilogy, on the library shelf for recent arrivals. it will end the trilogy. this is one trilogy which you have to read from the beginning. 

i was at the macdonalds , to get a free coffee, haha. yesterday they had a voucher to give away a free flat white coffee and it is valid for two days, today being the final day. so i was drinking it at the victoria place macdonalds, and enjoying the bustle of people eating there.

and i was sitting next to a couple, man and woman,(in their 20s, so quite young, caucasian) who were signing to each other and having a silent conversation. later they left, and i saw their receipt . a long one. they each have a cheeseburger, a hamburger, and shared a chicken legend.(i have never heard of it, so dont know what it is except it must be chicken of some sort) they were quite fussy about what is inside… the receipt specifying no pickles, no this , no that…. they did not have any drinks. nor fries. the bill came to £8.50 or so. hmm i thought that was a lot to eat. is that normal ? there was a offer to fill up a questionaire and get a free meal … so i did, and got a code which i should copy in the space provided in the receipt  for a free big mac and fries to the value of £1.99. it is the first time i see the offer of a questionnaire and free meal. is that normal too? or is it because of their unusual order? or their high cost order. anyway i shall go one day and redeem that meal. haha.

added 10.54am wednesday 28.2.18. sunny -0.7C . it snowed last night, and the snow is still on the ground now.

i got another free voucher for coffee from macdonalds, it was a fresh promotion in today’s metro free newspaper, and valid for today and tomorrow. i wanted to redeem that free meal too which i thought i got from filling the questionnaire , but was told it was not free, it only allowed me to get that meal for £1.99.

not much of a bargain, because you can get vouchers for that price all the time in the metro newspaper. i misread it, it would seem.

and luckily i went so early today, there was no crowd, it would be embarrassing, if i had gone at busy lunch time, because the server had a hard time trying to cancel that order from the machine… it kept refusing to do so. haha. ah well, nevermind, the coffee is still free. 

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