2 left feet

28 Feb

london 8.30pm -2.9C snowing slightly. wednesday 2018

it snowed today in london and in the middle of the day as it were too. it did not last long. it is very nice actually like one of those snow globes that u see when u shake them. but the day had been cold, i mean below zero, so much so that the snow on the ground did not melt as it would normally.

after the snow episode, the rest of the day was very bright and blue sky… but it did not warm up the air… and now they say there will be a storm from the south, storm emma, named by the portuguese weather people. it should be warm , coming from the south, but it will meet this cold wind from siberia, so there will be song and dance happening.

it is all rather fun for me. maybe if u are a commuter it wont be so much fun as the tube and trains and god knows what else will be disrupted.

earlier tonight i went to the tesco to buy some breakfast things, eggs and tomatoes and mushrooms, and it was only when i got home that i found out the cashier gave me an old £10 note. and tomorrow it becomes invalid.

i was rather angry at that cashier, i can tell you, and was saying to myself i would tell her off and ask her why would management not replace all the human cashiers with machines, if humans can make this kind of mistake.

but later i felt we humans do make mistakes, and it would not be a good thing to get her into trouble if i make a complain. and it is no big thing to just go to a bank tomorrow and exchange it. in fact, from tomorrow the cashier will have to make sure no one pay them with old £ 10 notes, otherwise it might have to come out of their pockets if they accept them. but it makes me realise that i must scan my change very carefully from now on haha. to make sure i dont get these old bank notes given to me.

this is the first time it happened to me, to be given an old bank note in change and i have been using my £20 notes all the time whenever i buy things, so that i get a lot of £10 notes in change and always got new bank notes. till now. such is life i guess.

life as usual is very pleasant, i mean my life. i have been getting my weekly exercise by going to my circuit class… today there was just 3 of us, one of us discovered that his gym shoes he bought were two left feet. it gave me a good laugh… they look the same. black nike shoes, and he must have got two of the same pattern and picked up the two left feet in his haste. he had to do the exercises in bare feet. oh, i forgot, another joined us later. he was late. 

One Response to “2 left feet”

  1. MELewis Thursday March 1, 2018 at 6:53 am #

    Much song and dance indeed — enjoy!

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