2 Mar

london 3.38pm 0.1C slight snow didnt last long. friday 2018

london missed the big dump of snow , i think . i woke hoping to find a huge mass of snow on the ground, but nothing. most of it seem to have melted away in fact. all the drama seem to be up north in scotland. 

looking at the weather website showing the path of the storm emma, i can see that the east winds are driving it to the west , so that it missed london, and will dump its load in ireland. that makes dublin getting the worst of the storm. it makes all the predictions about england be false. most of the country will still carry the effect of the beast from the east. storm emma wont add to it. though that is not stopping the headlines blaming storm emma. haha. 

even the news reporting of the conditions in  the north in scotland where  the storm emma had no effect as it has not even advance up to the south of england, they are blaming emma. emmaggeddon. but it is all rather fun , and makes for every one practising on their headlines punning. 

i was out earlier, to near russel square, where there is a shop opening and offering free coffee. it is the best cappuccino i have tasted , so creamy and not like the usual, where half of it is just foamy milk and hardly any coffee;  this one, the foamy milk was spread evenly throughout the cup. what a joy to drink, and so good it does not need me to add suger at all. the name of the shop is fortitude at 35 colonade. go there for the cappuccino alone. haha. 

everyone is getting about without any trouble, as the pavements have almost all cleared of snow. but as i came out of the victoria library, which i went to after the coffee, it began to snow, but tiny snow and it coated the pavements again.

the lady sitting next to me at the bus stop was saying it is cold, and how horrid it was. i said it is pretty, like a snow globe effect; but she was not convinced. looking at her, she had gloves on but she only had a thin transparent veil over her head. my bus came so i did not have time to mention that to her. she would be warmer if she had a wool hat covering her head and a wool scarf. but then, you would not expect to have to tell a grown up adult that she is not dressed warmly, would you??

i would say almost as sure as sure if u hear someone say they are cold, it is because they are not dressed properly for it. it is like they are not aware; like someone looking for their glasses when it is perched on top of their head. 

but i can see that warm air from the south is now overcoming the beast from the east as spring keeps growing stronger, with the sun rising higher in the sky and staying longer. after all, the spring equinox is coming. even now, the forecast is no more minus C temperatures anymore.





2 Responses to “cappuccino”

  1. Sarah M Monday March 5, 2018 at 7:27 am #

    well often when you see people complaining the aren’t wearing enough clothes. One thing I notice when I come back to the UK now is how we don’t dress for the weather. That said, putting on all those clothes is so annoying. I often don’t bother to go out simple because I can’t be bothered to put on the layers of clothes I’d need for the weather.

  2. alifesgayventure Monday March 5, 2018 at 7:52 am #

    something you said, about not bothering to put on layers of clothes, makes me think that maybe central heating has a lot to answer for making those who go out forget it is cold out there (or like you, make them not bothered to put on the layers) and walk out with practically nothing on, like they are used to when inside their warm flats. by the time they get colder, it is too late, they are far from home and cannot be bothered to go back.

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