mind games

5 Mar

london 3.40pm 9.7C cloudy monday 2018

9.40pm 9.7C night. no change in temperature.

my friend john had come back from a month in india, near goa, and he arrived slap bang  in the middle of that snow storm we had recently. no train or bus services. he was stranded at gatwick and was told by a taxi man that it will cost £300 to drive to bournemouth where he lives. he was thinking he is going to have to spend the night in the airport, but luckily overheard a couple who are going to bournemouth too and so they joined forces and found another person and the taximan reduced the cost to £280 and so they were all able to get back for £70 each. and it took a half hour less time than if he had gone by coach.

when i first heard it from a friend that he had to pay £70 to get back , i thought it was a bit much, but he was very pleased with the price, and so i figured perhaps it is a good price as it was a long way from gatwick to bournemouth. 

normally the coach from london will take 3hrs. when u consider the taxi has to make the return journey  without any passengers, it sounds reasonable after all. i think it was made bearable because they had 4 people sharing the cost. and i remember the christmas fare by coach was like £35 one way and that is on a long coach journey stopping at various places, compare to this one a direct door to door ride with no stops nor time wasted picking up passengers along the way. so win win for everyone. it just goes to show it is all relative. create a difficulty , cancel trains, and then what u offer even though very limited, and at a higher cost will be accepted.

i think that is the psychology that all the companies play with us, the customers, to screw as much out of us. how to avoid it? try to find other ways and not be held hostage by them.

take for eg, commuters. now they are a bunch of people who are easy to take hostage. so train companies can keep increasing the costs of their journey to work, and they have no choice but to bear with it and pay up. the only way to play it , i think, is to not do what they expect. sell up and live nearer your place of work. no more commuting. at a stroke you get rid of all the agro, the long hours of commuting, the costs, the small irritations of delayed , cancelled trains and petty strikes and rubbish they throw at you, the commuter, and expect you to take it and  lump it. 

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