sainsburys are the new owners of the nectar card scheme.

6 Mar

london 6.39pm 9.3C dry night tuesday 2018 sunrise 6:35 AM sunset 5:49 PM

 i went today to sainsburys to buy frozen fish £2.20 and then bought crackers at 50p to bring it to above £2.50 which is the minimum amount you can redeem the nectar points. i enjoyed that,haha.

i am getting to like the nectar points system, ever since the daily mail joined and i can get points by just entering the numbers everyday in the daily mail. i can get 80points every week from the daily mail , which is equivalent to £80 worth of shopping in sainsburys. so it is extremely good. and when i gave a spare card to simon, he had bought stuff from sainsburys and pushed up the points i get even more. 

today i read in this article in the scotland sun, that sainsburys had bought the nectar card for £60million in feb 2018.

It bought the loyalty scheme from Canadian marketing firm Aimia, which bought Nectar for £368million in 2007.

the nectar loyalty scheme started in 2002, and sainsburys have been associated with it for that long. its a bargain buy really for sainsburys .

why did Aimia sell it on and at a loss too? recently they recruited daily mail to the stable of businesses, and got a lot of flak from the social media. with people threatening to leave the nectar card scheme … so their reason they gave that there are fewer businesses they can ally with now and that means less chance of expansion is true for them.  but with sainsburys it is a different aim…  to bring in more customers.  it means they get a bigger chance to maximise those who are members to raise their spending in sainsburys or argos. and their targetted incentives are working… it works with me… and if they can do that with me, i think they have got it right… i think they are copying the daily mail. there too, they have lots of stuff and things you can buy with the points, as well as promotions where u can enter the draw …

 i can see that the nectar scheme is much more extensive than the tesco loyalty scheme. you can get points from many businesses and redeem them from many other businesses too. that is a strong point in its favour i think.

sainsburys now can get access to the data from the nectar cards. and it has been asking me to fill up their survey … in exchange for points… and even saying i have been specially selected  that if i upload their app and go to their nine elms store, they can give me special offers when i am there. i have not taken them up on it, partly because i dont have a smart phone so cannot download apps.

and i dont like filling up surveys… not even for the 50 nectar points they try to tempt me with. haha. 

one thing i have noticed… more than one person use my card, so their data on the card will be a composite of 3 people…  that is why i dont think the data is that intrusive of our privacy… it does not target each person using the card but the card itself. so if u give it to a neighbour or a friend to get their points, it does not really show you at all, does it?

i can say though that if it’s aim is to increase spending by using the card, it is working, in that i tend to go to sainsburys if all things are equal… 

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