strange goings on in the flat.

10 Mar

london 1.18pm 13.4C cloudy (its warm) saturday 2018

my friend asked me if i would let him strip the meat off the two chickens that i roasted yesterday, use the bones to make a (hmm, the name escapes me for now… a broth , a stew, you know where u boil the bones for hours to make something). and then he will separate the white meat from the brown meat to use in various ways. i was not keen on it.

there is too much manipulation of the food. the image comes to me of him labouriously separating the meat from the bones, and handling the meat so much. and i thought what a waste of time. really. no one is so helpless that they cannot eat meat off the bone. you have to be senile or a paraplegic(and only if you have lost both arms) to do that i think, and i should hope none of us have reached that stage …yet. and anyway what is all that about brown meat and white meat … it is all meat. period.

and then the hours of cooking the bones  with all that wasted electricity. frankly, i said to him chicken bones dont make good broth… it is pork bones that are good for it, because of the marrow in them. all you people who have been brainwashed by the trendy cooks to think u can use chicken bones for making  oh what is that word … stew, no not it, should wakeup and realise it is false . got it the word i was looking for is stock.

then i went into the kitchen and saw my tea container opened, and inside a whole pack of assam tea that i have in it now missing. instead it contained wet dregs of tea leaves. what happened i wonder? simon said my friend did it. one wonders what he was thinking of.i shall have to ask him. and when i buy another pack of assam tea, i shall hide it from him. haha.

at the moment he is asleep.

then i looked into the rubbish bin, and saw a whole pack of a pukka brand steak pie in there. i took it out. i assume it must be my friend again. hope he is not losing it. though it could be simon. i live with two guys who have very strange ideas of food. at first i thought it was thrown away because it has gone over its sell by date but it was dated 15 mar. but no year.

perhaps he found it in his luggage a leftover from last year when he was here. it is not unknown for us single men to do these things, pack one of these pies thinking we will eat it along the journey and then forgot all about it , till a year later. 

added. i found my pack of assam tea, he had put it away and had been using my tea caddy to make tea.

he had used half of it… ! ridiculous to use so much, that is another thing i dislike about other people.. they use too much of anything… he is not the only one, in fact everyone else i know seem to do it. they all use too much of everything… jam is another one that they use too much of , they slather like half a bottle of it on to their bread…

i wonder why he did not use the tea pots, what are tea pots for. my friend really is going potty. he had lived in usa too long. and had forgotten that tea pots are to be used to make tea.

i specifically told him to use tea bags, hoping that he wont find my tea leaves. haha. but as usual, when you dont want someone to use it, he will find it and use it. that is life i guess. anyway i have taken my tea pack and container and hidden it in my bedroom.

mystery solved . added. 5.58pm. i asked him and he said because he could not find a teapot… and i showed him one of the teapots, and he asked me to look inside, and it was full of mouldy tea leaves. haha. it seems simon used it and as usual with him, he just forgets that he got old tea leaves there and it has been moulding away inside for ages. i washed it out, but my friend is reluctant to use it as the insides were all coated with tannin, which gives it a brown appearance and does not look very nice.

and the other teapot, he did not see.  also it was big, when what he wanted was a 2cup teapot.  but he said he will use it .

as for the 3rd teapot, he said it has my remnants of tea in it. which it has and i am using it now, so he cannot use it anymore. i wish he would use the teabags, but i think he did not see where it is. so i showed it to him, and i hope now that he knows where it is he will use it instead. he found simon’s tea leaves, so he might use his instead of mine. i have put mine in the bedroom, so he cannot use it. haha. 

as for the steak pie, he said it was not his, as he stopped eating beef long ago. so it must be simon’s doing. i shall have to ask simon when he gets back.

people are funny. and i suppose once u ask them why they act that way, they might give an explanation that sounds reasonable to explain their behaviour.

it is something we have to accept when u live with others. the throwing away of this pie is no big problem. really. after all, i did not buy it, so its loss is no big thing to me. if simon wants to throw food away, it is his prerojative. 

added. 10pm 10.4C dry. people are funny. i asked simon just now why he threw the pie away, and he said he was so angry to find out that it was uncooked and he had to cook it in the oven. he had wanted to just warm it up in the microwave, and he said he did not want to waste fuel cooking it. what a strange thing to say. i mean he had never in all the time i am with him ever been a guy who is thrifty with electricity… not like me. and it is strange for him to find out all pies need to be cooked in the oven, 20mins sy 190C to get that nice puffed up crust that can only be done by an oven. no microwave can ever give u that crusted look. he thinks the pie is uncooked. but it really is cooked, they all are.

it is just strange that he seem to have this new idea about it…that it is uncooked. doesnt he know that all pies are cooked, but they have to be cooked in the oven to get that crusty crust to the pie. 

it is the reason why i dont buy pies, because to my thrifty way of thinking i dont like that i have to cook it for 20mins at that temperature… even though i do like the crust cooked nicely like that.

but to have him object to it seems so unusual for him. i mean he would happily cook a bentos pie , and he would use the maximum heat and use hell of a lot of electricity to do it too. so why he have no qualms doing that, and yet object to doing it for this pie…. like i said, there is no accounting for people. they get some strange idea about something and then they act accordingly, even though the idea is wrong.

after i pointed it all out to him, that the pie crust is the main aim of cooking it in the oven, because all the fun of eating the pie is the crust… and that u can never get with a microwave, he came round to accepting that it is better not to throw it away…

i do think the human mind is a strange thing. it is a brilliant thing, and can produce fantastic inventions and ideas bordering on genius, or it can be an idiot.

that is why you can have people believing in a flat earth, even though they can see the world is round… but they just wont believe it… what kind of mind does that if not a stupid mind. but those people are not considered mad. i consider them mad. but as long as they dont kill people it is a kind of benign madness. whereas i would consider all those killing in the name of a religion, ( and i include the crusaders in this)are mad and they are a toxic kind of madness.

truly, when u think of it whoever said hell is other people is really right. of course i suppose people can be heaven too but those occasions are rare. i guess you could say those newton genius, or einstein discovering his laws are heaven. but i would not know.

2 Responses to “strange goings on in the flat.”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday March 10, 2018 at 2:05 pm #

    You have an odd friend. I hope he asks you before doing things.

  2. alifesgayventure Saturday March 10, 2018 at 4:55 pm #

    it is partly my fault, haha. i told him to use whatever he finds in the kitchen for his purpose. of course i expect him to do the normal things like make tea out of a tea pot… but the mind of human beings is very strange . my tea caddy is a metal container… i found it, it looks like one of those pewter things that indians use to put sauces in the lunch tiffin containers that wives would put the lunch in to take to their working husbands. i would expect him to see that it is a container to put the tea in , with an airtight lid. i have 3 teapots in the kitchen. it will be interesting to find out what his logic is in using that to make his tea.

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