13 Mar

london 5.26pm 10.2C rain , monday 2018 still bright day though, sunset 5.59pm. sunrise 6.29am

6.35pm 10.2C dry tuesday sunrise 6.19am sunset 6.01pm. interesting that sunrise seem to leap by 10mins whilst sunset plods along with 2mins difference.

my friend bought the chicken today. he tells me he got the bargain chicken. but when i looked at it in the fridge, i see it is not the bargain chicken. it is in fact quite expensive chicken. he bought it at a local tesco store rather than the big supermarket.

i dont think the local stores stock the cheap chicken that was on promotion. what he bought was a £3.80 chicken 1.33kg. it wont be the kind of price i would pay. but i think as a visitor , a tourist, they  are not so interested in getting bargains. after all, it would still be cheaper than going to a cafe or restaurant to buy a chicken meal. and it would be silly to go to the big supermarket at kennington, it is not an easy route there, in that you have to take two buses.

anyway he is sleeping now. it is jetlag, i have noticed that when you travel eastwards, the jetlag is worst than going the other direction. the same thing  happened to me when i travel to malaysia, i always find i get real sleepy during the day, and wide awake at night when i am there.  but when i return to london, i adjust very quick to the day and night here. so his travelling east from usa to uk have given him a huge jetlag. 

added i googled cheap chicken tesco, and found a article that says tesco gave this same promotion of £2.25 chicken in november 2017. i went back to my posts to see, and found that i had bought such chickens on 10nov. 17. i wonder why i never bought more. this time, i think the chickens are finished, i mean all sold out, because when i go into the tesco website, they say it is out of stock. 


2 Responses to “jetlag”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Tuesday March 13, 2018 at 8:46 pm #

    Got jet lag from moving forward 1 hour day light saving time.

  2. alifesgayventure Tuesday March 13, 2018 at 10:11 pm #

    haha, i know that usa changed their clocks on sunday. we still have 2wks to go before we changed ours. it is too early i think to change it on the 2nd sunday of march. the british time of last sunday in march is about right i think.

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