micro plastics in bottled water.

15 Mar

london 10.16am 9.7C rain earlier, cloudy now thursday 2018

we have all read of plastic items in the sea, but it seems microplastics are in bottled drinking water as well. it did not say where it comes from, and i wonder if it might not be from the plastic bottle it is kept in. they say they found it in water sold in glass bottles as well. tap water has less it seems.

i suppose this finding  makes it even more sensible to drink tap water. though the cost savings have long ago persuaded me to turn to tap water and i stop buying bottled water.

i carry around a used plastic bottle to fill with tap water when i go out, now i wonder if i should put it in a glass bottle. the trouble is glass bottles are heavier. thank goodness i dont drink that water a lot when i am about. there have even been concerns of bacteria in reused bottles. but maybe like bacteria, not all are harmful, so we might find that micro plastics are not harmful. no one knows what it does to the body. we just assume it cannot be good something so artificial like that. maybe the body can get rid of it like it does everything else…

ah well, i think there are lots of other things we do that is harmful, and their harmful effects are allready causing illness and we still do them, so i doubt this micro plastics can make it worse.

even so, i can see we use plastics a lot everywhere (all those plastic water bottles must contribute to the plastic wastes; maybe that is a stronger reason not to buy them) and it is all  used once and thrown away. i have stopped using plastic garbage bins , preferring to wrap my organic rubbish in paper; and i dont  throw away my recycled rubbish in a  plastic bag. though i can see how difficult it is because simon would do so, and keeps forgetting not to.  those habits die hard.

and of course there are all those disposable coffee cups. they even give u those cups when u drink inside the shop, instead of takeaway only. 

the trouble with all this is that there is not a lot we as individuals can do about it. we sometimes cannot even avoid buying plastic, like for eg, all the food comes in plastic, so if u boycott it you are dead. 

added. i wonder if this finding will persuade people to drink tap water and not buy bottled water. or to boil their water and let it cool , in those countries where tap water needs boiling first. 

7 Responses to “micro plastics in bottled water.”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday March 15, 2018 at 12:00 pm #

    All coolers have water bottles. Gee..now that I think about it, it is not good. My office has these giant bottles for water on a dispenser. For donkey years where I worked we used these. Sigh.

    • alifesgayventure Thursday March 15, 2018 at 1:14 pm #

      it is real difficult to not use water in plastic bottles in these drinks dispensers. unless there is a tap and you can just get tap water from there. when i was a student in singapore, we drink water straight from the tap. i am sure it is just as safe now but people dont do it as much now.

      • Garfield Hug Thursday March 15, 2018 at 1:17 pm #

        We have water coolers linked to taps in school and in hospitals now. Hard to run pipes in office buildings!

      • alifesgayventure Thursday March 15, 2018 at 1:24 pm #

        ah, i just remembered that is what the gym i went to yesterday have as well. straight from the taps. it used to be they all use water in plastic containers. which needs replacing and must be very expensive. so that is an improvement. and the water comes out real cold too. but do they still provide plastic cups? hope not.

      • Garfield Hug Thursday March 15, 2018 at 1:37 pm #

        In the hospital and Poly clinics they provide wax paper cones or styrofoam cups for seniors as it is tricky to hold those wax paper cones. Water comes out cold, tepid or hot (*funny tap that requires depressing to dispense hot water to prevent scalds if kids play with it). Our government is now planning to install these coolers at parks or public places. I hope people don’t abuse it by washing utensils from these coolers or treat it like a sink, spitting sputum or cleaning their mouths.

      • alifesgayventure Thursday March 15, 2018 at 4:45 pm #

        it is very clever water dispensers if it dispenses hot water too. you can make tea or coffee if u carry a tea bag or instant coffee sachet. sounds like such a good idea. no such things here. it is usually only cold water that it dispenses. though there are plans to ask businesses to put signs to tell people that they give out free tap water. but styrofoams are just as bad , if not worse than coffee cups. maybe they should ask everyone to carry around collapsible cups. haha.

      • Garfield Hug Friday March 16, 2018 at 1:06 am #

        Agree with you as I use that in the office to make tea (provided by the company, who is very generous to provide more than 3 types of different teas) of my own special type if I so choose. Interesting that in UK, it only dispenses cold water as I thought these dispensers usually have 2 taps. Most of us carry a water bottle around with us and we are happy to fill this up. Also we have light weight flasks that can store hot water too. A lot of companies use this as a marketing gimmick to give out such flasks to brand their product or service. Esso recently has one that allows those who pump $200 petro to exchange for one. I easily got one as each top up for me was $60 at half tank and within 4 top ups it was a steal!

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