where is the snow they promised us?

17 Mar

london 11.53am 0.8C cloudy no snow at all. disappointed. saturday 2018

so far, the promise of a snow filled landscape has not come true. i was so looking forward to london covered in snow. i live in the centre of london, so maybe it is warmer in london. all those living outside london, tell me is it really snowing heavily where u live? the papers seem to say so, but when you look at the pictures that they print , you can tell there is hardly any snow on the ground. and they tell me heathrow have cancelled flights. perhaps it is one case of the forecast being taken as true, and so they simply followed its prediction. or they dont have to refund passengers if their flights are cancelled due to bad weather, but will have to compensate if they go ahead and fly and then get delayed. they win again when all those rebooked flights fill up the plane and then they can charge a hell of a lot to others because the planes are full and so anyone wanting to fly will have to pay a premium of any of the rare seats not taken. it sounds like a win-win-win for the airlines. and another win, they will solve their pilot shortage too because of the pilots having to take their holidays before a certain date. ah well, that is modern life for you. we dont have to worry about life or death situations, where in the old days u can starve because there is a famine when crops fail due to no rains, or too much rain. now we just get disappointed because there is not enough snow…haha.

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