day and night are equal 12hrs long today

18 Mar

london 10.39am 0.6C cloudy sunday 2018. still no snow storm nor heavy snow drifts. high 0.9C low -0.3C

i saw this in the weather website today.

Length of Day 12 h 0 m
Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 58 seconds longer

sunrise 6:08 AM sunset 6:10 PM

its funny, i always thought sunset and sunrise times should be the same if the day is equal to night. but the above shows it is not so. will be interesting to see what it is tomorrow. will it be same setting and rising times, making it equally 6.09 or will it flip over. added. 19.3.18 sunrise 6.05am sunset 6.11pm

so by rights, today is the spring equinox.

it can go by without us noticing, because it is not dramatic. unlike the shortest day or the longest day. near the equator everyone experiences it everyday. i live there for 22yrs, whilst growing up, and i know none of us take a blind bit of notice of it. haha. we get so much sun during the day, we are quite glad to welcome the evening and the night as it is so much cooler  and people come out then. added i found i made this same observation in 2014 at the same day. i also found a post of mine that explains why the equinox does not equate to equal day and night. hint. it is due to the size of the sun…

 Digital StillCamera

 very pretty patterns that the snow makes on the shed roof.

there has been no heavy snowfall at all today. though if u read the papers you would not think so. ah well, perhaps they have a reason for talking up this so called beast of the east 2, it is more like baby beast really.

this morning only the top of the parked cars have a layer of snow on them. i wonder if people have been scared off attending the st patrick day procession at trafalgar square today.

its a real pleasant day out when i went to the paddington library today. but i think i am a minority to enjoy this weather. majority dont like this . 

added. 11am 1C cloudy but sun is coming out 19.3.18 monday sunrise 6.05am sunset 6.11pm it says winds are from the west, yet everyone tells me we are getting winds from the east, that is why it is called the beast from the east. so who is right?

Length of Day 19.3.18
12 h 4 m
Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 58 seconds longer
so looks like the days are lengthening.

One Response to “day and night are equal 12hrs long today”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Sunday March 18, 2018 at 12:00 pm #

    Single parents often need 30 hour days.

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