shops opening and closing

21 Mar

london 9.28pm 7.3C dry night wednesday 2018

i seldom get phone calls, so it was unusual just now i got two, in succession. one was from a chinese friend who has returned from malaysia. he was there for 5wks. he stayed in penang, his home town, and took a trip to kl. he said he just spent his time enjoying the foods. i asked if he went to the gay clubs in kl, but he said he has gone off them now. ah well, it does happen to us as we get older. clubbing is not so much fun anymore.

he said nothing noteworthy happened during his time in malaysia. i sometimes think thailand is more interesting… lots of things going on in thailand. the people there are wanting to interact with visitors… the incentive being they want something from the visitor, selling them things, or services that is why. whereas in malaysia, there is not that pressure on the guys there as the tourist business do not involve so many of the citizens in malaysia. most have other jobs that have  nothing to do with tourism. 

the other call which came just shortly after the first call, was from a english friend who organises the ex east -west club meetings of former members. there was some trouble with his mobile phone i recall, because in the past few weeks he sent me text messages which i never received. i think it is his phone that is at fault. so i suggested he use the other phone that he has got.

with this phone that he is now using, i could not make out some of his conversation. and his voice sounds weird, one of his friends told him he sounded like he have a cold. so it was a strain to talk with him over the phone. i hope he will change his phone.

but there you are, mundane things like this is what occupies me nowadays. haha. i like it , because the opposite would be even more intolerable. to have constant phone calls from people demanding my time, that is hell.

i see westfield shopping centre in shepherds bush have done a fresh new opening … to celebrate their increase in size. i read that john lewis has taken up a lot of space there… interesting that because sales are down in john lewis. and now with this branch they would have 4 branches all within london. their oxford st br, chelsea peter jones br, and the one in westfield stratford east london. i wonder why they do that…aren’t they spreading themselves very thin and have to pay all those overheads in rentals… they and the westfield management must have a lot of confidence in the economy because there have been many high st chain shops closing down. toy r us is the one that is in the news now. and other retail chains are in trouble too. 

i was in the kings road chelsea, came out of the sports centre after my circuit training, and saw the habitat store is closing down. this is their kings road branch. last day is sunday and they are clearing their stock reducing it to half price, though even so, it is pricey… armchair costing £500, and that is half priced allready. they will continue to have their main store in tottenham court road.

when i look at my two armchairs that i got free from somewhere, years ago when i first bought the flat;  i figured i have saved myself a lot of money. haha.

in the end, i hardly sit on those armchairs, we put our clothes on them. that was until recently, when simon did a big clearing out and the chairs emerged from all those clothes. but we are starting to put clothes there now and starting the process of  covering them up again. 

there is a national carpet chain store closing down, carpetright,  i just read the news about it,  but yet i see a local carpet store has opened in lupus st, pimlico … this store tend to close down and than reopen about every two-three years or so.. i suppose when the lease expires and they leave; to return when they get a new lease again. but looking at their store window i cannot help but notice that their carpets are all beige, and grey… no colour at all. what happened to those bright deep coloured carpets that are like the ones i got in my lounge? it is bright dark vibrant green that i never see on sale anymore. mind you, that bright colour means any marks on it shows up like billy o. 

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