robot car accident kills a pedestrian crossing the road.

23 Mar

london 5.30pm 9.7C dry overcast thursday 2018

11.29am 12.1C sunny friday

6.04pm 10.7C sunny . it is close to sunset 6.18pm

its a peaceful day for me. my friend who came to visit uk from florida, where he lives, is now away, up north visiting his friends, and family. he is a very easy person to have as a guest.

i have been spending my time reading. mainly science fiction. they bring me into another world and is a form of escapism. i am sure there must be plenty of people experiencing a sense of wonder, or joy, or inspiration, but by its very nature, it must be very personal, and doubtless difficult to convey or even to tell others about it. so we dont read of it. whilst we read the news and it is full of angst and bother, bad news.

i remember reading of the facebook problem, where a company is able to grab people’s info and try to influence them , they say to vote, but how effectively they did it is something everyone dont seem to question. i would have thought they were preaching to the converted. it is much harder to change someones views than to reinforce it . so i would imagine all their targetting is just preaching to the converted. 

the whole business plan of facebook and all other social media businesses is based on using your personal info to sell to others, and let them make use of it how they will. i thought everyone knows that. and everyone condones it dont they? so now to start being upset because some company has done it for political reasons instead of for commercial reasons… ie selling you stuff and services…seems rather perverse. people  should not act like it is a big surprise.

you have lobbyists in parliament rooting for their clients business viewpoints and we all accept that. so why not have a company slant their messages to those they identify as sympathetic to it, or even try to influence those undecided, seems fair game surely… all in the name of persuasion. as long as people know it and been told of it. everyone must know that whatever they put in their facebook profile will and can be used . if they still do not know, they are very naive indeed.

and then there is this driverless uber car killing a woman who walked across the road with her bike. it was a very dark road, the street lighting was far apart and that point she crossed was in total darkness. 

i have seen the video of the point of impact and i can say no one would be able to stop in time. she just seem to suddenly appear a split sec before impact. no human being can ever reacte that fast to stop the car. (it did not help that the headlights of the car was dipped, instead of casting a higher horizon to light up a bigger stretch of road. )

and it seems no robot car can  stop in time too. when i was seeing it i thought surely that car has sensors that can see in the dark, and notice this woman, even if she is not seen by human eyes. now if that robot car can do that, it would be a huge advantage, and huge arguement to have them. but too bad they dont have the technology for that yet. if they can have that it would mean robot cars will be made mandatory… and in fact human drivers may be banned from driving cars in future. actually they can set the respond sensitivity to movement. but it ended up with the car stopping because it sensed deer beside the road… and it wont do to have a car stopping on a road just because of some movement… so they have to adjust the sensitivity. but i was thinking is there a way to make the sensor notice anything in front of the car, and to stop immediately if it senses some object right in front of it. a machine may be programmed to do that though it might be dangerous for the passengers to have a car stop so suddenly in midflight… i mean what if the object is thrown at it, a fast moving car to suddenly brought to a halt will throw the passengers against the windshield and kill them, even if they are wearing seat belts. i guess we will have to accept that people will be killed, even if robots drive the car.

people will do silly things like walk across the road without looking, which it seems that woman was doing… she was looking at her phone it seems.

i mean even i myself do it, walk across without looking… and i am supposed to be very aware. it was lucky for me that the taxi man reacted quickly, or i would be dead. he was luckily not moving fast that might be the biggest factor to me being alive now. but what i am saying is that we humans can be very stupid, and for some of us, a moment of stupid thoughtlessness can kill us. i am just glad my moment of stupidity did not kill me. 




Digital StillCamera

yesterday’s dinner, cooked by simon its beef

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today’s lunch cooked by simon

4 Responses to “robot car accident kills a pedestrian crossing the road.”

  1. juliehcares Saturday March 24, 2018 at 4:14 am #

    Yeah, that happened in Arizona. It put everything back probably years. 😞
    Great looking food!

    • alifesgayventure Saturday March 24, 2018 at 7:36 am #

      maybe just as well, because self driving vehicles will destroy a lot of jobs. i am thinking what will all the bus drivers do if buses are all selfdriving.

  2. MELewis Saturday March 24, 2018 at 7:35 am #

    I agree with you about the Facebook data. People are naïve to think it’s not being bought and sold. I suppose the only real objection is that the company could be complicit in manipulating election results to its own ends but in this case it seems more like a technical loophole that needs to be fixed.

    • alifesgayventure Saturday March 24, 2018 at 7:46 am #

      all this assumption that u can influence people to vote a certain way, i dont think you can. in fact i think it the other way, that people will gravitate to anything that supports their views. take me for eg, i find that i switch off anything that opposes my views or skip it in the newspapers… i am sure i am not the only one who does that. it is a myth that people can equally read both sides and make up their minds. we make up our minds and then read everything that supports our veiws, and ignore all else that dont. and now we got the internet we can be shown the evidence like the video for that uber car accident and can judge for ourselves with our own eyes and not rely on other peoples subjective judgement. even now i read some so called expert saying the car could have stopped and i would say to myself, pull the other one, i can see it just wont …and i dont care what u say , i dont believe you.

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