the clocks change

24 Mar

london 9.02pm 8.9C dry saturday 2018 sunrise 5.54am sunset 6.20pm

tomorrow the clocks go forward 1hr. it means the mornings will be darker till later. if u wake up usually at 7am, you will notice it. this happens every year as we change the clocks.

to some it heralds the spring, and bright evenings to come. so it is a hopeful one. but to some of us, it means darker mornings. it is all man made of course, and is now ritual. a symbolic sign of the coming summer , warm days, long days, nature growing and multiplying.

i think it is a hark back to the old days when we rely on natural light, and have not got electricity that makes night into day and diminished the power of daylight to maintain its  importance in our lives.

if u live in a city, there is no difference as far as the ability to do whatever u want, whether it is day or night. some people have wanted to get rid of this clock change , and keep the clocks the same all year round. i hope they dont succeed. as i like this changing of the clocks. because even though i say we can do anything now that we got electricity to light up our nights, i think it is still something we want and crave  to be able to see natural daylight. we are not plants that depand on sunlight to live, we can theoretically live in perpetual darkness, but not for years and years. as it is people living in the arctic are affected when they live in the dark during the months of winter.  i personally think mankind will go mad if we have to live for years and years in night. 

3 Responses to “the clocks change”

  1. MELewis Sunday March 25, 2018 at 7:46 am #

    The amount of daylight is the same no matter what our clocks say — I just don’t get why we bother with the whole thing. It is such a pain!

    • alifesgayventure Sunday March 25, 2018 at 8:35 am #

      it makes us feel like there is more daylight. without the change sunrise will happen at 4am when most of us are asleep. so tag that to the back end of the day and make it longer, and all of us will get to experience it, instead of just the early risers. that is why it is worth the pain. haha. but maybe it is not noticeable in france, whilst it is really obvious in uk. perhaps there is a strong arguement for spain, france, italy not to have it. because the change makes south spain get sunrise at 8am, which is really very late to see the sunrise. spain really do not benefit from being in EU time, nevermind having summer time imposed on it. but u are all in a union now and germany, belgium, netherlands wants it.

      • MELewis Sunday March 25, 2018 at 11:47 am #

        I heard on the news last night that France will get rid of it. Which suits me fine ad I wake up most days before 6 am…. 😊

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