a new 4th plinth statue for trafalgar square

28 Mar

london 12.45pm rain 5C wednesday 2018

its been raining all day so far. today i see they have replaced the statue of a huge thumbs up by one of an assyrian bull with man’s face made out of date cans.

it’s quite good to have a system of  rotating statues taking their turn on the 4th plinth in trafalgar square. the thumbs up statue has been there a long time almost 2yrs.

the original bull statue had been destroyed by isis. but actually there are some of these statues  in the british museum for everyone to see. perhaps they are not the same ones, but they do look similar…they are very big and impressive.

i remember a tv program about a white explorer who bought a lot of ancient scrolls from the abbot of the ancient caves where they were housed and paid a pittance for it, one of which turned out to be the oldest text in history… i said if he had not done it, we would not have this preserved for us to study and to see. simon was sceptical and was not convinced that it justified his theft…

but when i hear now about this bull statue, that the original have been destroyed by isis, it reminds me of  that episode, and it makes me realise if not for the theft of these precious objects , with those who did it donating it to museums in the west, instead of selling it for profit ,and hence preserving them for history, we would all not be able to see these things, and they would have been lost for all time.

so would u still prefer that they are not stolen and removed rather than kept  by the original owners?? if that was done, we might not even know they existed at all, far less being able to recreate them with date cans. 

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