freebie chips and fried cheese

30 Mar

london 1.33pm 7.2C rain friday 2018

i did not think i will be making another freebie post so soon after that one today. but i got an email this morning from steve, the guy who goes to these freebies like i do, telling me of this offer at the shoreditch box park. it starts at 11.30am-12.30pm. and when i arrived, it was 11.20am, 9people there and steve was first in the queue with his lady friend. the rest were sitting at the tables. they the sellers were only giving the first 20 gets halloumi fried cheese. at first i did not realise it was all cheese, i thought it was fried potato chips. and they were very nice indeed.

we hung around because we thought we might be able to get another go at it later. and sure enough, steve’s lady friend went first to test it… and she succeeded in getting a freebie… so steve followed up and i just followed steve. frankly if i were on my own i would never have the courage to do it.haha. 

 we got free chips the second time. the halloumi were all finished and so we got one of the 100 free chips they are offering.  the chips are the only things  they normally sell. fried chips topped with various kinds of cheese sprinkled on it and your choice of dressing.  there was garlic in there.

the halloumi fried cheese were lovely, and i thought they should include it in their daily menu. it was not in their usual menu posted on the board. i find it hard to imagine a whole business based on one item only, in this case, chips…, even if it is sprinkled with different types of cheese. but they must be doing a viable business, mustn’t they? 

i was browsing the website that tells us of these free food offers, and i see a restaurant offering melted cheese on hot cross buns. i wonder who is willing to pay for that when it is so easy to make it yourself at home. 

Digital StillCamera

the halloumi, in the pic above. i thought i took a picture of the 2nd freebie, the  chips… but i dont have it, so you wont be able to see it. but it was just ordinary chips with parmesan sprinkled on it. normally chips in the fish and chips shop will be about £1.75 or £2. and will be thick cut and you get a lot of it. their chips according their price list were for £4 for small portion. maybe they meant that their chips be bought as a side dish to the other offerings in the other food stalls in the box park. next door to them was a greek street food stall. they sell souvlaki, a kind of pitta bread wrapped round various fillings…it was not opened today.  they have a new branch opened up near victoria coach station recently where i got a free souvlaki from them. so maybe it would go well with chips.

2 Responses to “freebie chips and fried cheese”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday March 30, 2018 at 3:32 pm #

    These days the humble chips are garnished in a myriad of ways that it becomes a “must have” treat at exorbitant prices here. People eat it like a snack. Seller only sells chips!

  2. alifesgayventure Friday March 30, 2018 at 5:18 pm #

    i think only in london, surely. where else in the world can there be such a business , selling only chips?its like a stall selling only rice in asia. haha. hold on, it sounds like a viable business…i wonder whether someone allready has a stall like that.

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