1 Apr

london 6.17pm easter sunday 7.4C (highest today so far) cloudy 2018

another easter holidays comes round.i am sure all those working will welcome it , it is one of only two occasions when working people get 4 days off at a stretch. i wonder how people spend it all over the world.

in malaysia i recall my parents will take us to church. but other than that it is like any other day. i never heard of easter eggs, or bunny rabbits, or chocolates. those customs  did not gain much popularity in malaysia even though now that i am here in uk,  those customs are quite big here.

oh i remember easter is the only time when catholics must go to confession and take communion. if they never go at other times of the year, this one they must. or? i dont know i suppose it is a sin then. haha. and another one to add to your confession. as a kid i just follow what my parents ask me to do. it is one of those things which we just accept what our elders do.

like eat fish on fridays. in our house, it is quite low key, my mother just do it, and do not stress the religious reason. it brings variety to our meals.

now of course i dont follow any religious festivals at all. neither the christian ones nor the others. just too much bother really. and if u dont have kids you dont need to find things to keep them amused. or to make them have nice memories of childhood celebrations. i do think it lovely to have childhood memories of chinese new year, or other festival days… so i am all for doing it if u got kids. but when you grow up, u kind of let those observations go as it is too much bother especially since you dont have kids to give them those memories. 

here, today, it is difficult to know what places are open. the supermarkets this year are all closed today… last year they were opened but i guess this year they must have taken their result from last year and realise business is not good enough to stay open with extra costs in overtime, even if they can find staff willing to work on this day. i did not go and find out but i wonder if the sainsburys express store near me is open. they usually do remain open even on holidays. 

what about restaurants though… how do u find out which restaurants are open and which are not? i wonder. do people still go out for sunday lunch on easter? perhaps they do and it has become part of tradition. and maybe roast lamb is the dish to order.

what about the museums and art galleries…? are they open this holiday period? i think they do. it must be the one weekend when lots of people have free time, and not know what to do with it… what better way than get some culture, dont you think?

i think the tate millbank near me is open even on easter monday… but i did not go. a strange thing now when i think of it…  this art gallery is  so near me and i dont go .

in the old days i would go as i was eager to see the great art that is everywhere in london.

perhaps now i have seen them and so dont feel the urge to see them again. it is a bit like seeing the world’s tourist spots, and once seen seem to satisfy our curiosity or liking for new sights and experience and we are not interested in repeating it.

or maybe it just applies to me, and no one else. certainly the first time you see a new place is the best time. a repeat viewing never comes up to expectations nor generate the same feelings . time moves on and as they say the river is never the same when u go back to it. i think by that they mean to say you yourself are not the same. 

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