anyone like diet coke?

2 Apr

london 12.40pm rain 10.7C holiday monday 2018. macdonalds in victoria place

the bus c10 was jammed with people when i took it to the victoria station. they all got off at the coach station. they cant all be travelling surely? there were women and children as well. and victoria station was jammed too with people, all travelling. how strange to travel today. or maybe not, they might all be going back home after visiting relatives. the thing about a big city, there will always be people moving about, giving the impression there are too many people. if u like people watching, cities are great places to hang about. 

this morning victoria station is really busy, unlike yesterday when i was here. i guess everyone is stir crazy after being cooped up indoors for the last 2 or 3days haha.

and in the train station concourse, coke had a number of people giving out free coke drinks, 250ml which they open before handing it out, maybe to make people drink it now rather than just take it and put it in their bag. haha. i think the drinks need to be drunk cold, so they dont want people to keep it for later and  drink it lukewarm. i got two, cherry flavour, which tastes of almonds, and mango which tastes of nothing at all. haha.

i thought it was orange, because of its orange colour. there are sweeteners added. and they boast no suger no calories. but i find i dont like the taste of sweeteners. so i find it difficult to finish these two drinks. its strange that  the smell and taste of the fruit is so faint… the mango one i mean… though i suppose the almond flavor which is quite strong is the go- to idea of a cherry flavour. 

nowadays with technology so good, they can mimic fruit flavours with artificial means. it would taste better if i can at least have mango flavor more intense. these artificial flavours can be better than the real thing.  there was a voucher for 50p off 500ml bottles of it if u want to buy them. there must be people who like them, i suppose. haha. found out later when i googled them that they cost £1 in the supermarket. 

added. an observation, after i drank the drinks some more, and just when i finished the cherry one, i found i kind of like it… hmm. interesting… do these flavours grow on you? the flavours seem to increase in intensity now that i have been drinking them some more.

added. i saw this article about it, it seems it is a new promotion. funny, i thought coke allready have these flavours… i suppose it is in response to the govt tax on suger drinks that is why they are bringing out these non suger drinks. it seems they have lime, and orange flavours too and have promoted it in coventry on 9th march. so london has been a bit late in finding out about it. all these fruit flavoured soda drinks have been around a long time, i mean even i have noticed them being on sale like everywhere so it is strange that coke had not jumped onto that bandwagon long ago. oh, i just realised that i have done a review of their new coke without realising i have done it. woo…

2 Responses to “anyone like diet coke?”

  1. juliehcares Monday April 2, 2018 at 2:20 pm #

    I can’t do aspartame and that’s usually what’s in Diet Coke. I’m glad you like it though!

  2. alifesgayventure Monday April 2, 2018 at 3:18 pm #

    it is aspartame. i think it is very diuretic, i pissed 3 times and it was a lot each time, within a short time after drinking those 2 cans . i shall stick to just plain water. which is what i normally do. i only drink these things if it is on free offer. but i think i can understand people being addicted to them.

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