late night musings

5 Apr


i accidentally pressed the publish button and posted it with just one word on it london. ah well, i now have to write on it. its 11.50pm still thursday 5.4.18 7.1C dry and feels quite pleasant in the flat. when i look at the nhs thermometer it says 21C. no wonder it is so comfortable in the flat. i dont know why it is that warm in the flat. maybe my downstairs neighbour has got her heater on… but whatever it is, i am rather glad it is warm.

the bbc just broadcast another episode of civilisation. i tried to watch it earlier this night, but gave up half way through. it is a new production, but is not as successful nor as enjoyable as kenneth clarks presentation of the first civilisation program.

here they try to bring in more civilisations, rather than just the western one and in trying to slot in everyone they dont have a focus. spreading themselves very thin and trying to find some links between the different civilisations to the extent of saying they influenced each other… i for one, dont buy that thesis.

to do all the various civilisations justice would require a series of programmes devoted to each one alone… as it is in cramming them all in , (so far we got 3 episodes) , it is all over the place.

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