how is the world?

9 Apr

london 9.51am 8.7C cloudy maybe rain even monday 2018, still in hospital

i get a nice view from the windows of this ward of the thames and houses of parliament. but it is quite a rainy cloudy day. 

what is the world like out there? what is going on out there? i am in purdah as it were, because no one is allowed to go outdoors once warded. everyone is bedridden in that we can only walk from our bed to the toilet… or take a short walk round the ward . there is a day room but there is nothing much there. some old magazines. no newspapers at all. i was thinking surely some form of exercise will do the patients good. certainly i wish there is a gym here for me to exercise. it cannot be good for me not to be able to walk and exercise and be active… ah well, lets hope i get out soon. i was thinking it would be good if i were a day patient, and can go home in between procedures. but that is not how modern hospitals or modern medicine work.

thank goodness there is free wifi here. so i can watch tv live on it on my chromebook. and read the news online.

but all this is minor when i read what garfield hugs is going through. 

added 2.50pm i was told today they will do an angiogram, they go via the right arm to the blood vessels that supply the heart and inject a radio material so that it will show up in the xray in real time. the consultant told me if they find a obstruction or a narrow artery, they will in the same op (done under local anaesthetic,) put in a stent, a sort of balloon that keeps the vessel wide at that point.

but it was quickly over, about 20mins because they did not see any obstruction… and so no need to put in a stent…in a way i was relieved, but it is a puzzle where the muscles destruction was coming from to account for the blood tests…the thing is if i got a stent put in, it means i will forever have to take warfarin, and aspirin for the rest of my life… and the stent will be there permanently. my friend john came to visit just when the consultant told me of this angiogram test and stent, and john told me his friend in the usa got a stent. it means he is on warfarin and bruises very easily. 

so this angioscan shows there was no big obstruction or narrowing of the artery or blockage  so i wonder does this mean i wont have another episode… yet i did have a small tightening of the throat , it happened once, during my stay, but it was of very short duration, because i immediately put my head down and it went…

ah well,if ican get these heart attacks even though i dont have any of the causes of it… what can i do to prevent it occurring? that is life i guess… all the good living you do is no quarantee of anything it would seem really.

i was glad the angio went so smoothly, because during the explanation of what can go wrong, they mentioned some really scary things , even death… i know they have to say it, as it is a legal requirement…but it can be scary all the same…they have to tell you of what can go wrong so u can sign your consent. 


update 2.47pm 17C cloudy monday 9nov2020. my good friend died recently, in sept, though it was only yesterday that i came to know of it, and it seems he died when they were putting in a stent during this same kind of operation. so it is a real danger when they gave me that warning about death from it.Β 

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  1. Garfield Hug Monday April 9, 2018 at 11:34 am #

    Take care and get well soon! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸΊπŸŽˆ

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