jelly scan

10 Apr

london 12.10pm 10.1C cloudy tuesday 2018 hospital

hanging around here waiting for a jelly scan. the official name is echocardiogram. it is like that one they give to pregnant women to see how their foetus is doing, but mine is over the heart to see how it is doing haha. it seems there is a waiting list to do it, and so i hope they will do it today, so that i can go home. 

i read that the waitrose are finally getting rid of their free coffee… under the guise of saving disposable cups they are not giving it out anymore and so they say rather than put pressure on the free coffee customers they will get rid of it entirely and just offer a discount to those who buy a coffee/tea in their cafe. it seems this ruling applies to the instore cafe, you cannot get a free coffee there anymore, but got to buy one, and get a discount if u want to buy someother things there.  i suppose it is a neat way out of giving away free coffee. i can see it is unsustainable , what business can afford to give away money like that. then i read in another article which said we can still get a free coffee from the machines, if we use our own cup. i wonder if that will last. haha. but does it mean we still got to buy something first, or can we just fill our own cup with coffee without buying anything… i suppose if enough people just do it, they will change the rules again. but free coffee cannot go on. 

i got an email from a uk friend who had migrated to  live in chiangmai 10yrs ago… he is coming to visit the uk with his thai husband for his 75th birthday. i have not seen him for that long. hope his thai husband can get a visitor visa to uk… not guaranteed as the uk govt is getting very unpredictable in who they give a tourist visa to. added. 4pm ah ha , i finally got the scan and am now in bed waiting for it to be reviewed. dont know when i can get discharged but it has to be some time today… as everything is fine with the scan according to the operator who did it. simon came earlier to give me ear plugs, but they are not effective against the plinking noise that the heart monitor machine makes. that one makes it quite difficult to sleep, as well as rather irritating. there is a silence button but some patients dont seem to mind the plinking noise. i dont know how they can stand it. i have been hooked up on one of these machines before, in the admission ward when i was first warded. but it does not make a noise when you are hooked to it, only making the noise when u unhook yourself. so i dont quite know why these make so much noise unless most of the time they are un hooked and not recording anything. and the patients are so used to it that the noise do not register. ah well, nevermind, i ordered my dinner anyway… ahhaha. knowing how slow it is, i bet i would still be able to eat dinner before they get round to discharging me… 

3 Responses to “jelly scan”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday April 11, 2018 at 6:11 am #

    I love the way you called it the “jelly machine” – I had an echocardiogram done before. Actually as part of physical, I did it annually. Hmm I have not done mine for this year just yet. I am glad your scan shows nothing! I hate that sound the heart monitor does too. I remember the hospital hooking me up on it post surgery and when I react from any drug allergy, including the O2 monitor. If nothing is wrong, then what caused the episode you experienced? Hopefully it is just mild angina of sorts! Take care and yes, considering your pace in UK hospital and mine at Bates Motel, ours really moves like “chop chop” – Hope all goes well, take care and enjoy your meal!

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday April 11, 2018 at 7:22 am #

      it is very mild angina … manifested as a tight sensation in the throat… not even painful really and the characteristic tingling in jaw and left arm… i guess i should be grateful that it was not a full blown angina, which can be very painful.the scan shows a narrowing of my heart arteries. 40% narrowing, not enough to need a stent. thank goodness really otherwise i shall be on warfarin, an anticoagulant,with all the long term effects of it. as it is i have to take a lot of medicine now. 6 in all.(you guessed right, aspirin is oneof them )
      i think the high reading of the first blood test , showing muscle destruction…and the 2nd reading, showing a raise… that is puzzling… where did it come from…? there is no infarction. they did not let me see the result of the 3rd blood test taken on the day i was discharged (which was yesterday 10.4.18)i forgot to ask. i would have liked to see what that reading was, has it got back to normal i wonder. as for the pace, i think they just want to keep me in for observation. with cardiac arrest it is standard practise to keep the patients in for monitoring , i guess because the chance of a 2nd attack is more likely…and one way to prevent the patient asking to be let off home, is to say we are waiting for the result, or we are waiting to give you the test…

      • Garfield Hug Wednesday April 11, 2018 at 7:52 am #

        I am happy for you! Blessings! Usually 30% or 40% blockage, they use blood thinners. Please take care. It is good that your recognise the symptoms to see your GP and seek medical advice. This is indeed a close shave for you and a wake up call. All the best and cheers to good heart health!

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