finding some books to read

12 Apr

london 4.52pm 10.5C hazy thursday 2018

its like smog, this haze, and air quality is low, but where does it come from. is it pollution? i wonder. i had a taste of it when i went to brixton to buy chilli. and breathed it in.  there was no burning , no smell. and no difficulty breathing. so as pollution goes it is relatively mild.

simon is watching sony crime channel on tv. i did not even know we can get such a channel on freeview, nor that they have a channel devoted only to showing crime films… i find it boring, but simon likes to see them.

i read online somewhere  that crime novels are very popular too. i find them boring. i have returned all my library books, because i have either read them or find them uninteresting to continue. and in the library i could not find any more that i can borrow to replace them. so i am at a loose end when it comes to reading matter. i feel like going out again but this time to another library branch to see if i can dig up some books to borrow. 

added. 7.28pm 8C still hazy. air quality is moderate.i did go out and caught the bus to the victoria branch of the library. and got two books, judas unchained, by peter hamilton, a blockbuster sci fi. i have not read any of his books. and alexander mccall smith’s ‘precious and grace’. a feelgood about two lady detectives in boswana. 

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