2 day post

15 Apr

london 12.24pm 17.1CC sunny saturday  14.4.2018 (yesterday)

what a simply glorious sunny day today… and all along park lane, the tulips are in full bloom. and to think a week ago i made this bus journey i was having a minor heart attack, the day, unlike today was hazy too. what a difference a week makes. 

added 8.37pm 13.4C high today 18.7C.

11.36am 15.4.18 sunday sunny/cloudy 15.1C

3.40pm 15.4C rain clouds.

today is not as sunny as yesterday. the haze has come back. but it is warm. 

7.19pm still sunny 12.1C i just read an article in the new york times, it is sent to me as i subscribe to it and you are allowed a free read a number of articles a week, and this one talking of the troubles homeowners in the mountains get during winter, with high cost of maintaining such properties, and high heating costs, makes this writer glad she is just a virtual homeowner. not sure if u can read that article or you have to subscribe to the newsletter… but it reminds me that sometimes it is rather good that u cannot afford to buy a 2nd property as a holiday home. it saves u a lot of headaches. in the end, she or he can continue to rent a place for her holiday there on that one time in summer when the weather is lovely and enjoy all the experiences without the bother of the cost of upkeeping the place all year round.

i have  thought so, and have considered all those who say they want to buy a holiday home abroad as rather foolish…though i confess i used to think like them in the past.  perhaps those people should read his/her article. haha. (i know s/he writes under a name joyce, which used to be a female name, and may well be so even today, but with people being all over the place when their sex is concerned, self identifying… it is wise not to assume anything.



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