free burger

20 Apr

london 2.35pm 25.3C (highest temp so far) friday 2018 sunny

the start of the weekend, for most people who are working.

it was quite quiet on the king street where i was at, at about 12pm in covent gdn. i was there waiting in the queue for the maxwell restaurant to open as they are giving away 100 free burgers. it is quite a big space inside and we were all seated. i followed the two men who were just ahead of me. at first they took the seats with the table, but then they left the seat by the table and took the bar stools at the bar. i think they figured we will be served quicker there. and they were right.

there the barman took our order and we were the first to be served. the beef burger came with chips and cabbage salad. and we asked for knives and fork, even though u are meant to eat them with your hands. but it was too awkward to handle with bare hands. its quite filling, the portions are quite big, and i was really full. the others at the bar ate so quickly. they were all men. amazing how quick they ate. they all left  before i finished. it was an enjoyable meal. 

Digital StillCamera

i thought i got pictures of the burger with its chips and salad, but i could not find it in my camera chip. instead i got a pic of the various drinks on the wall in the bar area. whilst waiting we saw they do half price mondays, and they have a lunchtime menu 2course +drink for £10.

after i finished i was walking past a alleyway, called floral court, i have not seen that before, and decided to go in and have a look. it was an inner courtyard enclosed by tall apartment buildings, and containing seating, for the restaurants there. and then one of the men who i was queueing with earlier came out of the other end of the alleyway and told me all this is new. they have just opened he said.

i wondered what  kind of food was selling, there was no menu on the wall, but there were menus on the tables, so i looked and it was an italian menu. with main course costing £20. it figures. they have to charge those prices if they are to remain profitable in that area. i said it is a pity there are no working men’ cafes anymore. he said people like these restaurants now, but i corrected him and said no, everyone would love to have working men’s cafes still, (meat and two veg that kind of menu)but it is just that those working men cafes do not make money. that is why they are disappearing.

ah well, the place is very posh, and refined and nice to look at. so you could say you are paying for that scenery. the apartments overlooking that courtyard are still being worked on by workmen. no one is living there yet. just as well, this is a big city with all kinds of people and so can cater to all their tastes. 


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