24 Apr

london 6.14pm 14C cloudy tuesday 2018

its got cooler, which for me is rather pleasant, though i guess those who like the sun will miss it.

i happened to look at what the weather is like in thailand , malaysia, and find it is raining. practically everyday there are thunderstorms predicted. so has the wet season arrived then? i could not help thinking that it will affect the night markets. when i was on holiday there, i thought the night market nights are the highlights of my time there. in that it is a chance to go out and enjoy the warm nights and eat all the lovely foods and fruits, as well as browse to see what interesting things to buy. but the rain will dampen all that. the rain will dampen the tourist season too. have the rains come early? i used to remember the rains come in june,july. i mean in kl. and the west coast… though in kuantan and the east coast it is time for the monsoon season there. 

added. 25.4.18. i just looked up weather in kl, and found that april is the wettest month, and june,july the driest in kl. how the memory plays me false, i thought it the other way round. just goes to show i have not been back for ages and forget a lot of things.

the tulip flower beds in the communal garden of my housing estate.

i have borrowed some books written by  expats about their life in majorca, ‘one mallorcan summer’ by peter kerr, and andalucia, ‘last days of the bus club’, by chris stewart. it is rather nice to read about it, though i am not sure i want to live that life. and i found an account of the durrels, by michael haag, ‘the durrells of corfu’ which i have borrowed about the real life family, rather than fiction which is what the currant tv series is at present showing .

the book have pictures of the family so that i am able to see what they look like, rather than the tv actors playing their part.

i also have gerald durrell’s, ‘my family and other animals’, so can do cross reference with the same events in both books. i have read his my family and other animals when i was a little boy and loved it. he was about 12 yrs old then, and he managed to write with a 12yr old perspective so that being about the same age as he was then, i can well imagine why i love it so much. it is like being drawn into a private world that he allows me to share and seeing it all with his eyes.

in a way, not knowing his real family is better … when u read the books you can just immerse yourself in that world, where no adults can bring their adult problems so that you never know what the real life problems the adults in that world have to deal with. 


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