25 Apr

london 9.22am 11.8C sunny wednesday 2018

its a lovely day today, or shaping to be one. such a sunny outlook outside my window. it reminds me of malaysia, or thailand…

i happen to come across this utube street view of hua hin, and it captures what it is like to be there. i dont think i have been to hua hin. i have been to hat jai but that is different as it is not a seaside town. what i thought was really remarkable about that utube video is that the streets are so litter free. so clean. i think it lovely to have these street videos , u can get a nice flavour of what it is like to walk the streets and see the life that is around you. i confess i am satisfied with just looking, and dont feel the urge to go travelling. maybe because i am very contented with london.

i have noticed there are no road side hawker stalls in that part of hua hin. or local kopitiam style places where it is open seating, with lots of hawkers around it, where u can order your food, like you can see in malaysian towns, or even in singapore. here , at least from the evidence in the utube of hua hin, you can see the tourist influence , there are proper restaurants and selling western style foods, like steak houses, italian pasta, seafood.

i read in another blog review, talking of pros and cons of malaysia, that it is difficult to find cheap mexican or italian food places. and that is true. i had that experience when my friend john and i were in malaysia… quite a long time ago… and it seems that problem with finding an italian food still persists even now, as that video review i saw  was in 2016. if u want lasagne, or pasta u need to find a restaurant and they will be pricey. and i think it might be difficult to find a mexican restaurant(buritos, tacos and such like). that problem applies  in malaysia, or singapore, but it might apply to thailand too. 

i went out to put out the recycled rubbish in the bins provided by the housing estate i live in and i met one of the workers here. i was lifting the lid of the bin, and putting my black bag in, in preparation for emptying the contents in it. and he came and asked me not to throw in  the plastic bag as the rubbish collectors will not accept it, and will toss the black bags on the ground. i did not realise that they do this, but anyway i told him i dont throw my black bags away… as it is so wasteful. i said by rights the bins should be locked, so u cannot lift up the lids, but have to feed the rubbish through the slots that is provided on top of the lid. then he showed me how to lock it, by slamming the lid forcefully down… that is useful thing to know, because i think we should lock those lids in place, to deter anyone from putting a bomb in it. i shall be locking them in now whenever i see them unlocked. haha. it will mean others will find it not so convenient to lift the lid to just throw the whole bag in… perhaps that will deter them from throwing away the plastic bin bags… though knowing lazy human beings they will just put the bag beside the bins. haha. i guess we will have to tolerate that, the good thing is there are no organic wastes so it wont attract foxes to break open the plastic and scatter the contents all over the place. 

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  1. Sarah M Thursday April 26, 2018 at 10:34 am #

    I went to Huahin and there was an exceptionally high retired ex-pat population; they were very active with meet-up groups and the like.
    My overriding memory of the place was going to get my nails done and the young girl doing them was endlessly chatting online. Her mother proudly told me how she was juggling 4 or 5 foreign men trying to get gifts from them. And I can remember thinking ‘great; you’re pimping your daughter out and you’re bragging to me about it’

  2. alifesgayventure Thursday April 26, 2018 at 11:03 am #

    no wonder i saw so many old foreign men walking about in that video. hua hin sounds even better as a place for retirement than chiangmai. cant blame the locals for catering to this group of foreign retirees. i can see how a big group of foreigners will affect the local scene, and make it more international than thai. its a catch 22… without the tourists, the seaside town’s economy will be moribund with no new jobs for the locals.

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