searching for a low suger live yoghurt

30 Apr

london 4.35pm 8.1C cloudy sunday 2018

london 9.24pm 8.6C night monday 2018

it’s been two days since i wrote a post. started one yesterday but did not find anything to write. even now i dont really have any thing pressing that i feel strongly about to write about, but just want to put pen to paper. i have been trying to buy more yoghurt. have almost finished the 500mg set yoghurt that i bought, and it is very nice, not too sweet and have a slight tart taste that i find rather pleasing. i have found by searching online that there is a 1kg yoghurt pot with live bacteria produced that cost £1. that one sounds like a good choice and i went to the iceland nearby hoping to buy it, but when i got there it was not reduced to that £1 price. and i did not feel like asking them about it to see if they had not begun the price reduction.

the asda and morrisons do it as well, so i shall go tomorrow to asda and see if i can get it. i am convinced that gut bacteria is quite important to cultivate and live yoghurt seems to be the best way of doing it. (or rather the most convenient way… the best way is to eat sauerkraut, but it is quite difficult to find, at least the unpasteurised ones with the live bacteria.

the suger content of the yoghurt i bought is quite low. unlike yakult which  has high suger content 14g/100ml. and yakult is a fermented skimmed milk drink, not a yoghurt. that is why i am not too keen on yakult, even though ian says it is what he used. whereas the onken set yoghurt i got is 3.4g/100mg. and the 1kg pot has 3.7g/100mg.

it seems making your own yoghurt is quite easy, and in fact i have made it myself. it is quite easy, but time consuming. and not as cheap as buying that 1kg yoghurt. it is quite possible that after i bought that 1kg yoghurt, i might not like the taste of it, if that happens than i shall go back to buying the set yoghurt, which i find i like. it is a curious thing, but these cheaper priced yoghurts have less suger in them than their fruit flavoured yoghurts. it is because they have a tart taste, which might not appeal to so many people who are so used to sweet things. 



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