another free lunch from ecover rubbish cafe

4 May

london 3.13pm 19.7C (21.6C high) friday 2018 sunny

i took my friend from bournemouth to the ecover pop up rubbish cafe. arrived at about 12pm to find a long queue, which was unexpected because i went at about the same time yesterday and there was no queue. as we got nearer the head of the queue, i found out why. they are not letting people go forward , they are controlling the flow. so that even though the two girls at the desk were free, no one is beckoned forward. that means the inside of the cafe has lots of empty seating, with not many people eating. this makes a big long queue outside and  gives the effect that it is very popular and many people are wanting to join in. it creates a buzz out in the street. they are learning from yesterday, when there was no queue, and it looks like no one is going into the shop.

i suppose it also means the workers in there dont have to work so hard , making coffee, making the salads, clearing the cups and dishes etc. and the girls in the front desk can take their time explaining about the plastic , which ones can be recycled , and so on.

when we did finally got our food, it was really very pleasant, lovely cappuccino, and a different salad for me, i noticed they dont give that pickled hard boiled egg anymore; and getting more of their free dishwashing liquid. though no chocolate like yesterday…

they are really keen on giving people those bottles of dishwashing liquid. even dishing it out to those waiting outside in the queue… and there is even a refillable box for u to fill up your container. and one lady was doing just that, not only one large milk plastic container, but two and assorted other smaller plastics. she is real keen. haha. so far i have not yet used it to wash dishes. so cannot say if it is any better than the usual . 


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