6 May

london 12.43pm 22.6C sunny sunday 2018

24.4C 5.12pm sunny

as usual, people overdo things. this hot weather makes people go out sunbathing, and they over do it, because they dont realise the sun is very fierce. simon has overdone it. he said he was out for only half hour in the sun.  haha. and i daresay a lot of people tomorrow will be feeling the effects of their enthusiastic sun bathing today. heatstroke is not very nice.

naturally, i did not sit out in the sun today. so i did not have heatstroke. i was in airconditioned places,the top deck of the buses, the library first, than the virgin lounge and then home. which is not airconditioned but the old fashioned thick walls keep the cool inside. i wonder if there are anyone still wanting to do everything, to take advantage of this public holiday weekend. if there are any, they should not cram too much into this weekend, as there will be another one just like it in 3wks time. i think there are too many long public holiday weekends all crammed so close to each other.

 our door buzzer went just now and simon answered it and he said there was no one there. then later, there was a knock on our door, and simon answered it, and it was a courier delivering a pyrex measuring jug which simon ordered when ours fell off the washing machine top due to the shaking of the machine on a dry cycle. simon uses it to make his coffee. this new one  is not the same size as the one he was using. the old one was more pleasing in shape. we must remember not to place that thing on top of the washing machine if we are using the centrifuge spin drying function. i think it lucky that the courier was able to deliver it. someone in the block of flats must have let him in. 



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