what to do this bank holiday monday

7 May

london 2.04pm 27.1C sunny public  bank holiday monday 2018

its very nice out there, and i feel like i should be going out and enjoying it, but i dont know where to go. the libraries are all shut. the shops are open, but i dont fancy going clothes shopping.

the supermarkets are open, and that i think i would be going to at about 3pm, in fact that is only 1hr away. perhaps it is only me that find that there is not a lot of things to do this bank holiday. perhaps that is why so many go abroad.

oh,  i know. people take their kids to the museums, and art galleries. and give them an icecream whilst there.

ok, that is it, i shall make it an excuse to go outside by going to the tesco in kennington. even though it is only 2pm. i feel like going out. 

added. 3.33pm have got back from the tesco. i see the tesco in kennington have reduced the price of the lancashire farm yogurt that all the other supermarkets have been selling at £1, and today i see tesco has also reduced it to £1. that saves me having to go to the sainsburys at nine elms. i find i am getting to like that yogurt a lot and cant help finishing it. it is better than eating icecream.

i go to the tesco to buy their low priced oats, the basic range is 75p for 1kg. today i noticed it is a different brand name, and that their basic range that i used to buy before, has been discontinued. but this brand is also the same price, so i bought it. oats are oats, and there is not a lot of difference to the quality no matter whether they sell it for the low  price or a high price. in fact, some of the high priced oats have a lot of suger in it. you might wonder why, surely a high priced product must contain less suger right? but it is not the case. maybe it is the result of the suger tax.

some places in london are recording as high as 31.4C now. that seems rather high. it will be interesting to see what the official temperature is . 

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