cooking malaysian

8 May

london 6.21pm 23.6C sunny (high 27C) tuesday 2018

we are still having high temperatures, carrying over from the highs yesterday. i have been thinking what is memorable about these days , to make me remember them years from now. but really, even though we hit the highest recorded temperature for a mayday holiday weekend since records began, it is only about 27C.28C this is really nothing to shout about , in that we are not fainting en mass , or having a drought, or the grass is turning to hay. or people dying like flies from the heat. we dont even have a glut of tomatoes or fruits to make it memorable. its not even that humid like what we get in malaysia. so that for us used to malaysia temperatures this is really nothing to shout about. haha. 

what is nice today is me finding out that lidl is selling cauliflower for 59p… just when i am kind of wanting to eat cauliflower. i have been buying celery, and brocolli, because they are reduced, but am getting a bit bored with eating those two veg. though i love eating them. 

so cauliflower would be a nice change. haha. so i bought two balls of cauliflower with its green leaves attached, and am looking forward to various ways of cooking it. sweet and sour comes to mind, oyster sauce cauli is another dish i would like. curry cauliflower too , like how the indians do it. with tumeric.  and i got garlic from brixton today too. 59p for 4 bulbs. i know i have been saying i dont think the garlic is strong enough, but when cooked they do impart a distinctive taste and smell and flavour to cooking which gives it a kick that is very similar to how i remember malaysian cooking is like, and that reminds me of malaysia. i was reminded of it when i smelt simon cooking his stir fried noodles, and because he used so much garlic, the smell and taste of it really taste just like how the hawkers do it. so that i am now coming round to thinking garlic is quite essential to make dishes more authentically malaysian.


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