no worries

15 May

london 1.32pm 20.2C sunny monday 2018

tuesday 20C sunny blue sky 11.38am victoria library

i am glad to say i have nothing to worry about. life is great when there are no worries at all in my life.

and the decisions i have to deal with is wondering whether to buy that £1.80/kg fresh whole chicken that tesco is promoting, or buy the frozen chicken pieces in sainsburys that are £1.60/kg. the fresh chicken would be great to roast, and there is a lot of meat in the breasts. and its nice to eat a roast chicken for a change. if i buy that chicken pieces, it means i can only stew them.

i have been eating vegetables a lot lately and dont seem to miss eating meat. i thought i shall lay off eating pork so much. i think this chicken offer came at the right time, seeing i can eat more chicken instead of pork. chicken is more healthy or so they say. and with roast chicken, i can use the leftovers in stir fried veg dishes. 

its very nice weather we are getting these few days, in the 20Cs and blue sky and all that. the irises are out. and the roses too. there is a lot of tree pollen about, but i dont seem to be allergic to them. i seem to be allergic to grass pollen, and that comes into its own in august. though in london by that time, all the grass in the parks will get cut, so they dont have the chance to throw out pollen. it is a different story in the country, where all the grasses are growing unchecked but since i dont go out to the country anymore having given up those long walks , i dont need to worry about hay fever .

i still get to go for those free offers of food that they are giving out ;  the most recent was the free icecream given out  by a devon company in the southbank london. this company i think sells sweet pies usually, and are using icecream on top to make it appear like an icecream treat. the reason i thought so was because i was given a sweet pie with an icecream scoop on top, when i went there for the free icecream. i googled them and it seems they sell clotted cream as an icecream. i think they are wise to try to get themselves more well known in london. there must be a bigger market here in london than in the west country. the trouble for them is that yogurt is healthier, as i have found out, and though i am not attracted to icecream, so am not a natural customer of theirs, i am sure there must be a lot of other icecream lovers who might shift to frozen yoghurt for their ice treat. or even give up icecream entirely and go for live yoghurt. even i have got addicted to yoghurt now. 



2 Responses to “no worries”

  1. juliehcares Tuesday May 15, 2018 at 6:44 pm #

    I would think the full chicken too although with the pieces you could fry them, roast them, bake them, etc

  2. alifesgayventure Tuesday May 15, 2018 at 7:00 pm #

    deep frying is something i have not attempted. its all the oil, that puts me off it. all that oil spattering around the kitchen, not to mention the chicken will have too much oil in it to be healthy. in terms of ease of cooking, stewing it is the cheapest and quickest way , esp stewing it with black soya sauce. its delicious too. but overall, it is amazing how versatile chicken can be, so many different ways of cooking it.

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