thunderstorms are so cooling

28 May

london 6.48pm 24.8C sunny public holiday monday 2018

its a holiday today, but the shops are all open, esp the supermarkets. nowadays they dont shut shop just because it is a bank holiday. very convenient for us, the public, but the staff will have to work so cannot have a lazy day like most office workers. in fact, bus drivers and tube staff have to work today too. i would have stayed in all day if not for this 10x nectar points offer by sainsburys which make me go out and buy things there today, as it is the last dayof the offer.

i spent £15 today at the sainsburys, just because it is 10x the nectar points . it is the highest i spent in one shop for groceries. i have spent this much or more when buying bags of rice, though not in sainsburys because they dont have reduced price of rice for some reason. asda and tescos will reduce their rice price but not sainsburys.

i bought frozen uncooked jumbo prawns, at £3.75 for a pack of 225mg, i bought 2packs. prawns are my only luxury , i am willing to splash out on them.

the weather is nice and hot today, so i suppose plenty of people will be buying food to cook for a garden barbeque party. it may be the only chance of one this year seeing we cannot guarantee a hot summer. in the past i used to have friends who would throw a garden barbeque party. but that is all in the past now. 

i did not go anywhere else today, apart from going to the sainsburys near me. in the past i would go to the museums or art galleries. it is the kind of day to spend looking at art or artefacts. and getting indoors would make me avoid the pollen outside. but i think i prefer to stay at home really. i can certainly avoid all pollen contact if i stay indoors at home.

interesting, i had a look at the weather now for london, and it seems there are thunderstorms. not in my area though. but it says thunderstorms ending at 9pm. actually, i looked outside and see dark storm clouds gathering so it does look like it will rain soon in my area. and it is 7.19pm. but in the weather charts it is only two blobs of stormy weather hovering above the map for london. the rest of the country is cloud free. i for one will welcome some rain, to take the heat off. oh good, the rain is pelting down now so that is lovely. its quite heavy too. and there is some hail too. a few pinging sounds as they hit my window. so nice to feel the cool air . its so heavy the gutters are overflowing with water. it did not last long though, it is 7.34pm and allready abating and blue sky coming out.

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