fish and chips

1 Jun

london 2pm 23.5C sunny friday 2018 virgin lounge haymarket

i have been to a free fish and chips at tower hill. i first heard about it only this morning, with an email i received sent to me by steve. he is with twitter, so can hear about these things. today is national fish and chips day, it seems, and so we get this free meal. it is very nice, and they even give a free pen. i got chatting to a guy who came after me. i asked him how he heard of this. and he said a friend of his saw the queue and told him about it. 

after that i went to the virgin lounge in central london, after stopping at the charing cross library to return simon’s library book. 

its very nice to be in london. the rest of the country is having thunderstorms and flooding, but london seem to have escaped all that. and it even seemed to have no pollen in the air. at least i have no hay fever. that is great news if u suffer from hay fever. i think anyone who suffers from hay fever should just live in a big city. its just common sense really. 



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