traffic jam

3 Jun

london 9.11pm 22C dry blue sky and light still out there. sunset 9.11pm. sunday 2018 high 27C.

i was caught in a huge traffic jam in park lane this afternoon. i was coming back from the paddington library, and the 36bus made such a long detour at marble arch. instead of going east down oxford st which is the usual route when this kind of thing happens; it went west, all the way west before it could turn south and travel to kensington high st, before turning east again to hit hydepark corner and resume its route to victoria. if we had been able to go down park lane, we could have done that journey in a fraction of the time we took to travel that detour.

i tried to go online to find out what caused that huge hold up from marble arch  down park lane to hydepark corner, but could not find any reference to it. usually it would be caused by  some demonstration or something similar. a marathon perhaps.  it was about 1pm. but no warning of any protest march this weekend. so it must be an accident. i did debate with myself whether i should just get off and take the tube, but decided that since i was in no hurry, i shall just consider it as a unscheduled bus tour of west london. haha. quite a lot of the passengers must have thought the same, because a big number of them sat on the bus all the way before getting off at victoria. if i were catching the train at victoria, i doubt i would have the patience to sit it out for so long.

there was a young chinese guy with a huge suitcase on wheels got on the bus same time as me, near the paddington library, and he only got off at the junction with harvey nicholls, the department store near harrods. i thought at first he was going to paddington station, but the bus did not go there at all, being diverted to by- pass the station. road works blocked the route.

then when i see he was still on the bus when we took the detour, i thought he was going to victoria, but he was checking his mobile phone so i guess he must know where he is. if he had wanted victoria he got off too soon, if he had waited a short time, we would have hit hydepark corner and from there it is a short ride to victoria.

it was a warm day today, but the bus was nicely airconditioned downstairs, so it was quite pleasant.

long delays during the weekends are quite a common thing in london. most sensible people , or those in a hurry would take the tube really. and i found out recently that the district line is very nicely airconditioned nowadays , with tube trains that are one continuous carriage, with no doors between carriage, so that u can look down the whole length of the train from where u are sitting. in the past it was very stuffy travelling underground which is a good reason to avoid it, but not now with the vast improvement in the trains. but rush hour is still horrendous, so that reason to avoid it still remains.

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