pedestrianisation of oxford st is cancelled.

8 Jun

london 8.51am 15.2C sunny friday 2018

i was very surprised to see this headline today, that the pedestrianisation of oxford st is cancelled. i thought pedestrianisation of the street was inevitable. they all talk of it as if it is a done deal.  even though for selfish reasons i would not like it. it is a luxury to be able to get a bus direct to where u want to go in oxford st, or get from one end to the other by bus without needing to walk away from it to the next street to catch a bus.

but westminster council has said they will cancel it. it seems the residents think the same way as me too, for it seems they objected. i did not vote, as i dont live there and i wont be affected. also i am not sure either way which is better, no traffic or keep it with traffic. 

if they wish to reduce traffic pollution , it might not work, as they will simply transfer the pollution to wigmore st , at the detriment to all those living there. as it is , there are very few residents living on oxford st itself so if u are going to have a polluted st, might as well make it oxford st, haha. as to shoppers being put off by the pollution, maybe not, after all, shoppers dont stay long, nor do they go there every day to shop.

maybe reducing the number of buses that go through oxford st might be the better option.  and they have done it, they have cancelled bus routes 73 and c2 which normally goes through oxford st to victoria, by getting them to terminate at oxford circus. and a better way is to changing the way  buses run , get them on electricity rather than diesel. 

 would people stop shopping in oxford st if it is fully pedestrianised? i think some of the businesses there might be afraid that making it people only will destroy it as a shopping st. somehow i feel a street becomes more dead when u stop buses going through it. if u are laden with shopping do u really want to have to walk all the way along it, rather than be able to get a taxi or bus? or walk to the next street a block away to catch a taxi or bus? it just seems a lot of effort , esp after you are tired out allready walking so much whilst shopping. making it pedestrian only means hanging outside in the street is more pleasant, and the unexpected consequence is that you get people not going into the shops but hanging about outside. you will attract a certain kind of people, people who use it as a place to promenade and walk about to meet and greet friends… not something you want for a shopping st, because you want people to go into the shops and buy stuff. 

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