a lovely day

11 Jun




view across the river from the tate britain. the river is in high tide. and the front facade of the tate britain

london 1.41pm 24C sunny highest temp so far today monday 2018

i havent gone out yet, having missed the free veggie burger given out by dirty burger just across the river in vauxhall, so near me. i forgot the time, it is supposed to start at 12pm and i was so caught up reading a forum on the internet that when i realised it , it was 12.40 pm, a bit late to queue up.

they are only giving out 50 burgers, so i figured i would be too late to get any . and i have to confess  veggie burgers are not a big loss for missing it. i confess to liking meat and is more keen if it were beef burgers instead. maybe that is why i did not make sure i remember to go. something subconscious is working here.

it is a nice day, so i shall most probably make a move on later today and go out… if nothing else to go to the supermarket. tesco most probably to see what they got. or maybe to asda, because it is only one bus ride away, whilst the tesco, though nearer and is walkable, requires two buses. i allready have my lunch, soya sauce chicken drumstick left over from a huge batch that i made recently. so at least i wont be hungry when i go shopping for food. 

added 3.09pm on the 87bus going home. such a lovely day, blue sky , bright sunshine, but not humid, so it is very pleasant to be out in it. i have just been to the asda in clapham junction, where i bought 1kg yogurt, and a 12 roll pack of toilet paper for £1.98. that is the cheapest. i dont see any reason to buy expensive paper for toilet paper. seems silly to me. haha. i am glad asda is still selling such cheap toilet paper. no one else is doing so. they are all going high market as the profit is better. you can pay £8 for such a 12 pack,if u want to.  the sky is the limit it seems. how much better quality paper do u want to use to wipe your bum… ? seems to me such a silly waste of money, silly billys. 

this reminds me at times of floods or storms , people rush off to clear the supermarket shelves and they always stock up with toilet paper. i always find it so puzzling why they do it. you can use water you know, and there is no need for toilet paper at all if it runs out. people are funny as in funny-peculiar. 


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