swan lake ballet

12 Jun

london 7.17pm 17.7C sunny tuesday 2018

it is very bright outside which makes me wonder if it is too bright for the open air screening of the live performance of swan lake ballet, that will be about to start now in trafalgar square. they are doing a simultaneous live broadcast of the performance that is now happening in the opera house, in various locations in london.

a live broadcast over the internet so that we can all see it on our laptops would be even better of course, but so far no one has come up with it. maybe it does not pay. there is no profit to it of course letting everyone in the world into that performance in the comfort of their home. so i suppose we should be grateful to be able to get these free public screenings. over the next weeks we shall be getting live broadcast of la boheme, and another opera. i forgot the name of it. added. it’s don giovanni.the last time i saw one of these, quite a few years ago, it was in autumn, where the sun set earlier and so it was dark when it started. 

added. 11.02pm 14.5C dry 


i thought i shall just go and see. i went to trafalgar square at about 8pm and it turned out to be quite sharp the screen and clear, even when it was so bright. i remembered last time i saw it , the picture was not so sharp, and i think this time it is digital. i thought it would be too crowded so that they would restrict entry into the square, but not so. lots of space to see it, and even the toilets are free tonight. 

its very enjoyable, because swan lake is very visual, with lots of dancing from both individually,( and this one especially from the female lead , marianela nunez) and corps de ballet, and the music of course is lovely. it is sponsored by BP, and they give away air cushions and anoraks, in case it rains. it did not rain at all tonight, and yet, the anoraks are opened. usually they put them in a plastic pack, perhaps this year with all that concern for plastic pollution they did away with that and gave the anoraks without the packing. but it means there were plenty of opened anoraks.  not many take these away and many put them in the litter bins. i hope the rubbish team recycle them. i took away two anoraks, and 3 cushions. they were just left there . they are useful. the anoraks are white, rather than transparent, so if u are using them in future, and dont want to show off the BP logo, you can turn them inside out and hide it. 

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